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  1. clay lover

    Should This Glaze Fire Out Glossy?

    Thanks for the remix suggestion. Is there any way to try that with some of the the existing bucket? I'm not the best with the glaze math.
  2. clay lover

    Should This Glaze Fire Out Glossy?

    Neil, that's almost exactly what I do. A 25 min soak at peak, then a 3 ramp cool, with a couple of holds along the way, and off at 1400* I have several other satin glazes that do very nicely with this cool.
  3. clay lover

    Should This Glaze Fire Out Glossy?

    I'm sorry, yes it is a ^6. the witness cones are very close each time and the cooling has not changed. I only got the satin 2 times, from many firings but it is SO nice, I want to figure out how to get there again. and the si-al rating indicates I should be able to get the satin regularly ??and the book it came from says it is satin-matte.
  4. clay lover

    When You Throw, What Do You Aim At?

    I'm some and some, but the other,#2, some seems to be taking a hold on me right now.
  5. clay lover

    Hot Wax For Bottoms Of Pots?

    For being able to put the freshly dipped hot piece down quickly, I put a small fan under the edge of my dipping table and position to blow straight up so that as I move the pot away from the heat and toward the plastic bat it is heading for, it passes over the stream of cool air from the little clip on fan, works wonders!
  6. I think my new title is "Creative entrepreneur". otherwise, just 'potter'. in the South, Ceramic anything means that lady who painted the Christmas trees in her garage.
  7. clay lover

    Community Challenge Idea

    2 months would work better for me, I am usually involved in something and only have 1 kiln.
  8. Does anyone have any advice before I stumble through this? I have the squares of material I want to use and a new factory drilled bat to use as a template. What size bit do I use, and how do I get the oval hole correct? I would hate to end up with holes too big, <_<all though I guess I could then rotate the bat and drill another set of the correct size and placement .
  9. Do you have a good technique for getting the wax high enough, but not higher than needed, for large, rather flat, irregularly shaped trays? I have hand built some of these and am trying to get this figured out. I have tried sitting the bisque platter on a damp towel and then waxing 1" higher than the wet mark, or putting the tray on the edge of an eye ball high shelf and marking the spot where it leaves the shelf on the underside in the upward curve. both of these ways seems like guesswork and I am afraid an error will result in the loss of the pieces to sticking to the kiln shelf. For other work, I hot wax very successfully. How do you do this?
  10. clay lover

    Wax Line For Weird Shaped Pieces?

    My large elec skillet is not large enough to do it. I am using liquid wax for these pieces. How do you know where to end the wax?
  11. clay lover

    Skutt Ks 1027 Firing Help!

    Not much to add to the excellent advice above. Be sure to use witness cones on every shelf you can so that you will learn what the kiln is really doing. I might bisque to hotter that 06, at least 05, to have fewer glaze burn out issues from clay contaminants. If you will be dipping glazes, they might go on easier with the clay a bit tighter.
  12. clay lover

    Repeat Customers

    Chris, does this mean that my wine-burgundy, burnt red pieces that I can't move this year, (and it is my new favorite glaze) will sell in a few years since it is the color of NOW and in the South where I am we are 5 years behind? Restaurants here have just now started using square plates!
  13. Is there a secrete to putting 4 feet on a pot and NOT having it rock? I have 0 success at this. They will be steady when green but come out of the bisque or glaze rocking. Advice?
  14. I have that wheel, and don't have anything like that going on. Try taking the head off, checking in the hole and on the shaft for anything irregular and put it back on rotated 180. Call Skutt, I don't think it should be doing that, it is a very solid wheel.
  15. clay lover

    4 Feet Makes A Rocker Help,please

    Alabama, do you mean for these feet-handles to be out of sight or planned in as a part of the design. The pieces I am thinking about are finished out at 14" square, thus the reluctance to use 3 feet, seems out of balance, design wise.
  16. I am looking for a way to add a loop to the bottom of large platters that will stay out of the way of use but be available to hang if the buyer wants to. These are slab built pieces, so no foot ring to pierce like if it was thrown. Would a hand built foot ring with a hole in it be strong enough? I have visions of the ring letting go while hanging !! Would an added loop on the underside that doesn't affect how it sits on a table be enough?
  17. clay lover

    Loop For Hanging Large Platters

    Thanks. You mean a hand built foot ring? I know a thrown foot ring can be sturdy, I have been afraid to trust an add one.
  18. clay lover

    4 Feet Makes A Rocker Help,please

    So the now bisque pieces that I work SO LONG on, a prototype, that is rocking might settle in the glaze if fired to maturity? I will glaze it and get back with you. I think I have been afraid to grind feet thinking that since they are small attachments, they are fragile.
  19. clay lover

    Hot Wax For Bottoms Of Pots?

    I can't grasp the idea of brushing on hot wax ??? The hot waxing I do sets up the instant I lift the pot out of the electric skillet. I tried brush filling a bare spot left inside a foot ring, and the wax hardened on the brush before I could get it to the pot. What don't I know here?
  20. When you must fire a less dense load than you usually do, due to some 'gotta have it' situation, do you change your temps or holds to compensate? Last time I did a bisque that way the cones were over fired,even with extra shelves and posts to make more mass but the glazing process did not seems to differ. What about a light glaze load?
  21. clay lover

    How To Drill For Bat Pins?

    So sorry, the title is not correct, it should say, "how to drill pin holes in BATS I have 8" squares with no holes and want to put holes in them to use them on my T S wheel head with bat pins.
  22. clay lover

    2014 Was A Good Year

    "80% of your sales come from 29% of your line" Provocative statement. Do others see this in their sales? Much to think about here, may need to be a new thread.
  23. clay lover

    Firing Light Loads ?

    Skutt 1027 KM The cones in the light bisque were a full cone hotter than normal. Rather new Thermocouple.
  24. Working now on a new line of work that I want to get in a good gallery in a big tourist vacation city about 3 hours from me . I've been visiting it and looking at what they sell and what traffic is like. I have a relative there we visit often so I can keep an eye on things and deliver more work when needed. I want to have a couple of wholesale jobs, that provide non seasonal income from easily made pieces, have an eye on a couple of opportunities. things that are easily made and will leave me time and thought energy to develop a more art flavored line . Time to move away from the totally functional soup bowl work . Not do so many classes and raise my prices a bit. I ought to be worth at least minimum wage per hour to my students.

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