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    12 years as a potter, student, always. Cone 6 - functional, mostly.

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  1. clay lover

    Error 1 on Olympic kilns with Bartlett

    just went through this, ran some tests, it's a Skutt KM with built in testing program, the element on the bottom was bad, replaced all 3, all good.
  2. clay lover

    Cone 6 is not melting amaco glazes in kiln.

    What do the witness cones look like? That's where the truth is.
  3. clay lover

    New Skutt wheel issues

    It took a year to get them to admit that I needed a replacement new mother board on my new Skutt kiln, they kept telling me it was pilot error. After the replacement was installed, no more "pilot error" !
  4. a thought ina bit different direction. I know where you are, I have been there, most of us have. When hand made pottery first started showing up in my area after a trade school open a ceramics dept, people didn't know good from poorly made and all sorts of student work was offered up for sale, hundreds of 'learner pieces' at school sales. Guess what, the best sold! The rest didn't. the better the pottery got, the more demanding of quality the local buyers became. Heavy, lumpy oddly glazed pieces still do sell here,( make it blue) but better pottery sells better. When a local complained she didn't receive an even division of proceeds from a group sale, the answer was, "Want more sales? Make better pots, don't complain about those who have struggled and learned how to do more, work to get better, up your game". You have indicated that you aren't reallyl proud of what you are offering right now, and that you see changes, growth, in what you are making. What about laying off of sales right now, say for 3 months, if you are really critical of your work, cull pieces as soon as they are thrown, cut things in half to see what your are really dong, trim tightly, risk trimming through some, YOU WILL SEE HUGE CHANGES in 3 months. Then put out your better works and go back to the critical examination of what you make going forward. Also, with the 3 month's result, raise the prices , maybe double, and see what happens. Your wife will see how people react to the newer , better work, and the higher prices.
  5. I got an error code, E1, on my last bisque in my Skutt 1027. The cones, 04, are slightly bent, maybe 10*, The cone at the thermocouple shelf is absolutely straight, unchanged. and I aim for a solid 04. We have run a continuity test on the elements and the top and bottom are at 15.6 and the middle is at 17.9. the Skutt book says they should be at 13.6 and 16.3 +-1 and a 1/2. The thermocouple looks fine, the relays were replaced about 30 firings ago, I glaze to ^6. Would you refire the bisque when we finish whatever repairs I need to do? I used to bisque to 06 but changed when I was having pits and zits and they stopped. Most of the time my glazes are really nice with what I've been doing, no changes to temp for several years now. OF COURSE, I am pressed for time, sale soon, need 3 glaze loads run in the next 10 days. I will be talking to the Skutt fellow at HIghwater Clay Monday morning and he can ship whatever, but it will be Wed before I will get parts . Can I run a faster bisque to get to temp? How fast? I need 1925 and I got around 1800, it had shut off and done some cooling when I checked it, so don't know what peak temp it made, but those un bent 04 cones???
  6. clay lover

    Copied Images

    Integrity ? Who said she has any?
  7. clay lover

    Copied Images

    common practice here . An instructor using a picture off Pinterest of someone else's piece to advertise their own class , sort of cheezy and misleading, but, whatever...The public doesn't know the difference.
  8. clay lover


    I have the small Peter Pugger and would not want to do without it. I probably reclaim less than you do per month. I got the stainless new, the non stainless is less, about $3,500 ? worth it to me.l
  9. What cone are you firing your bisque to? I do ^04 and don't have any wipe off troubles, using several different brands, colors of UG.
  10. clay lover

    If one of your students....

    I'm hoping you are right. There are actually several other 'make and take clay party' type arrangements near me, but I'm the only person offering real instruction in my immediate area. She has participated in them and is just as dissatisfied. So if she wants to learn,..... There is a place for everyone, but not everyone fits my process.
  11. clay lover

    If one of your students....

    The "declining old lady" is a lovely 58 yr old, younger than I. To me, she presented as a quiet, retiring, shy person. She used to work with the others in this group, they all know and care about her. They tell me she is a shadow of her former vibrant, active, funny self. I am happy to have her, I'm an old Special Ed teacher, I understand how to work with all kinds of disabilities and have had other challenged students, but this is my first mean one. The best friend is OK with the problem person's behavior, it's nothing new and they have been running buddies for many years. it's a small(5) group, so there is room for everyone to have their own space to work and tools don't need to be shared. It's the verbal digs that have to stop. If problem person makes another comment aimed at the fragile woman, I will snatch her a new one. I can't stand a bully.
  12. clay lover

    If one of your students....

    PSC, I have those talks also, every class, and have a chart on the studio wall with a list of all the variables that can change how a final piece looks. Problem person is best buddies with another of my favorite students, which makes leaving her out a bit complicated. This is a small town and everyone knows everyone. One of the group is an old work related friend, who is , I now know, showing strong signs of dementia. Since I did not know her previously to this particular class meeting, I didn't see her as having changed, only being sweetly quiet and hesitant, which I am very supportive of in my instruction. Said problem person was agressivley impatient with her and her other friends say it is because problem person is so upset to see the changes in the woman who is now struggling to figure out where she is and what's going on. cOn a weird note, I have since learned what this woman does for a living.....she's a mental health therapist!!
  13. clay lover

    No glaze over underglaze?

    What about waxing the finished piece to resist body oils?
  14. Great for both of you. I'm looking forward to being able to read both articles.
  15. clay lover

    Throwing order for beginners

    ah, Pres, back when a kid had to actually achieve something to get the trophy.

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