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    12 years as a potter, student, always. Cone 6 - functional, mostly.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that someone else despises those tiny nozzled squeeze bottles. I simply can not get them to work for anything. going looking for a ruling pen. I love how reading through various questions on this forum sets me off on the next journey!
  2. Are these ^6 wadding?

    Thanks so much! I have onlt seen the larger triangular ones or the bars. These are exactly what I need, so I will shop until I find them.
  3. Are these ^6 wadding?

    It would be for baskets and for jewelry, pendants, earrings, etc. I have looked at the wire thingies, wondered what shape to buy. I'm always looking at something new.
  4. Are these ^6 wadding?

    It's not mine to use, the 2 friends don't have a clue what the dry mix is, they were given it by a woman who ran a workshop they attended a year ago in Vt. Thry are in FL and I visited them there and saw the results and want to know how to get the same glazed all over bottom . Guess I'm asking how to make some ^6 wadding stilts?
  5. A friend of a friend gave 2 of my newbie pottery friends some" powder she mixed up" that they formed into cones , bisqued and then use for supports under glazed pieces during firing. The baskets they showed me were glazed underneath everywhere except for 4 small bare circles, where the little cone shaped posts were put, stuck there with wax, according to my newbie friends. My friends are so new to pottery, they can barely describe what they have and what they did. Any idea what the 'powdered mix' is, Any idea how I would make wadding for ^6? I've never paid any attention to it because I don't do wood or gas. I DID look up 'wadding' in my Hamer and Hamer and other places, but didn't learn anything useful to me. I would love to be able to glaze my baskets all over. They are a bugger to wax, wet or hot, without getting wax showng through to the inside surface.
  6. I am a tool Ho, I want every tool made, I love my tools . I will change tools while working just to get to use another one. Now you all know my dirty secrete. ( will me getting a Do All ASAP.
  7. Bottom Depth Tool

    interesting. why not push the outside stick in the 2nd picture, until it touches the wheel head. The difference would tell you exactly how thick the untrimmed base of the pot is and what you have to work with, take out all but 1/4 " of the difference.
  8. Glaze Question - Strontium Crystal Magic

    wow. good info, thanks.
  9. I do this often and don't have that problem, I bisque to 04. also might try diluting the oxide a bit. I use underglaze for this technique
  10. I sign every piece with my first initial, last name. I agree that the average buyer has so little understanding of hand made that unless it is signed, they thing you bought it and are doing resale. I get asked constantly in my show booth, "Where do you buy this stuff" Oh, Lord. I made a signature stamp by signing a plaster slab, then carving out the lines with a v shaped metal tool,, pressing a chunk of porcelain into it and bisque firing the reverse. had to make a few before I got it just right, but it works very well. Things that can't be stamped, I use a dull pencil and clean up when readying for bisque.
  11. Tools for throwing dry

    Doc, I NEED to see a picture of what you are describing. I love gizmoes.
  12. Recommended electric potter's wheel

    whoa, I NEED to see this. Sort of like the Strong arm tool but with a roller, how clever.
  13. I always thought centering distributed the clay evenly so that when the walls were raised, they were even in height, but this Morning I watched a video of Ben Owens beating a BIG lumpy ball of clay into an even shape and then pounding his fist into it with the wheel turning slowly to open it . So, was that clay centered? Or is he strong enough with large enough hands that he centered the pounded open ring and went from there?
  14. Recommended electric potter's wheel

    Doc, you have a WHAT? roller based centering tool ? These sore hands are curious.
  15. Extruder recommendations

    I bought the big square Scott Creek, I preferred their way of making hollow extrusions, and am glad I did. I figured I could make smaller pieces from a large box easier than I could make larger pieces from a smaller box.

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