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  1. I bought a stack of hand sized towels and a few bath sized from the overstock store in a light mud color! they don't show stains from the red clay and they look better.
  2. Mark, these aren't quite like the compression gloves I tried, they are a soft gray knit, and don't seem different than light weight winter knitted cotton gloves, but there are fibers in them that do something that regular cotton gloves don't.
  3. Recently there was a thread on how to manage sore hands and fingers and the combination of joint pain and wheel pottery. since that thread, I have come across something that is new to me and is helping a lot with my hands and fingers. My husband has been trying everything to avoid a knee replacement and his Dr. recommended a fabric brace with some invisible copper threading in it. He said it helped him , so I ordered a pair of that company"s open fingered gloves. I only wear then at night, but I can go to bed with throbbing pains and wake up with none. Hope it is OK to mention brands, they are Incrediwear, and they run large, I measured for the Large, but the medium is best for me. They are called "circulation gloves"
  4. clay lover


    I got the regular pedal ,have not tried the ssx. I can't imagine how you could spill every where, my throwing water bucket sits inside the splash pan so it is close. Something to consider, that I did not realize when I got the wheel, it is larger, longer than other brands by 1 1/2", from center of wheel to edge of pan where you sit, so there is more reach to do small works at the center of the wheel. I have long body, short arms and I is not ideal for me. When I realized the difference in that measurement over the Brent or Baily, the others I was considering, I was so happy with the pan and the pedal I just deal with it.
  5. clay lover

    pugmill - Bailey vs Peter Pugger

    pp needs to be full or the mass just spins, doesn't mix. I got SS so that when I wanted to sell it, it had a wide range of appeal, and I knew I wasn't going to empty it, yes it holds damp clay forever. if it is closed tight.
  6. clay lover

    Measuring pot bottoms

    Needle tool holes,have,a,way of reappearing after glaze firing.
  7. clay lover


    Skutt has sweet foot pedal, very sensitive, that's the main reason I chose it. I have the removable 1 piece smooth molded pan. It is solid enough to brace my knees on, easy to take off , deep enough to catch most trimmings, with a raised guard added it catches everything. I lift it off and tip it into my pug mill, very light weight and smooth inside to clean. I am 67 and have no trouble handling it.
  8. clay lover

    Measuring pot bottoms

    I do this , using 2 hair pins that will stay in place on the chopstick, but can be adjusted for each pots, rather than making marks. Remember to set the pins at the bottom of the chopstick for accuracy. Then I trim out the very center at the desired depth, knowing I can go deeper as the bottom curves up out to the foot ring. .
  9. clay lover

    pugmill - Bailey vs Peter Pugger

    Very satisfied 25 lb Peter Pugger Stainless owner here, had it 8 years, no maintenance issues, good customer service in the learning phase. I wish I had gotten it sooner, the clay out of it is fabulouse for throwing and I have NO scraps around the studio. I chose the PP mainly for the large hopper opening , it's way easy to stuff clay in it in large hunks, and also because it is more compact in my small studio that the Bailey of the same capacity. Also spent more $$ for the Stainless, I have NEVER emptied it and cleaned it , when I want to change clays, since I use 4 different ones, I go to the next darker or the next lighter, it's very easy to reach in and do some half hearted chamber scraping out of hunks of remaining clay, then the first log out, I open the chamber, stuff it back in and mix a bit, easy change to next clay. I go from light buff to very dark speckeled this way, one step at a time. I don't try to change to white, I use very little white and will toss white scarps into a chamber full of buff and it just dissappers. larger amounts of white, I hand wedge and rebag
  10. clay lover

    Skull E-1 error question

    My E 1 on a Skutt 1027 was a relay, replaced all 3, it's firing fine.
  11. clay lover

    Error 1 on Olympic kilns with Bartlett

    just went through this, ran some tests, it's a Skutt KM with built in testing program, the element on the bottom was bad, replaced all 3, all good.
  12. clay lover

    Cone 6 is not melting amaco glazes in kiln.

    What do the witness cones look like? That's where the truth is.
  13. clay lover

    New Skutt wheel issues

    It took a year to get them to admit that I needed a replacement new mother board on my new Skutt kiln, they kept telling me it was pilot error. After the replacement was installed, no more "pilot error" !
  14. a thought ina bit different direction. I know where you are, I have been there, most of us have. When hand made pottery first started showing up in my area after a trade school open a ceramics dept, people didn't know good from poorly made and all sorts of student work was offered up for sale, hundreds of 'learner pieces' at school sales. Guess what, the best sold! The rest didn't. the better the pottery got, the more demanding of quality the local buyers became. Heavy, lumpy oddly glazed pieces still do sell here,( make it blue) but better pottery sells better. When a local complained she didn't receive an even division of proceeds from a group sale, the answer was, "Want more sales? Make better pots, don't complain about those who have struggled and learned how to do more, work to get better, up your game". You have indicated that you aren't reallyl proud of what you are offering right now, and that you see changes, growth, in what you are making. What about laying off of sales right now, say for 3 months, if you are really critical of your work, cull pieces as soon as they are thrown, cut things in half to see what your are really dong, trim tightly, risk trimming through some, YOU WILL SEE HUGE CHANGES in 3 months. Then put out your better works and go back to the critical examination of what you make going forward. Also, with the 3 month's result, raise the prices , maybe double, and see what happens. Your wife will see how people react to the newer , better work, and the higher prices.
  15. I got an error code, E1, on my last bisque in my Skutt 1027. The cones, 04, are slightly bent, maybe 10*, The cone at the thermocouple shelf is absolutely straight, unchanged. and I aim for a solid 04. We have run a continuity test on the elements and the top and bottom are at 15.6 and the middle is at 17.9. the Skutt book says they should be at 13.6 and 16.3 +-1 and a 1/2. The thermocouple looks fine, the relays were replaced about 30 firings ago, I glaze to ^6. Would you refire the bisque when we finish whatever repairs I need to do? I used to bisque to 06 but changed when I was having pits and zits and they stopped. Most of the time my glazes are really nice with what I've been doing, no changes to temp for several years now. OF COURSE, I am pressed for time, sale soon, need 3 glaze loads run in the next 10 days. I will be talking to the Skutt fellow at HIghwater Clay Monday morning and he can ship whatever, but it will be Wed before I will get parts . Can I run a faster bisque to get to temp? How fast? I need 1925 and I got around 1800, it had shut off and done some cooling when I checked it, so don't know what peak temp it made, but those un bent 04 cones???

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