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  1. Hi, Used a new glaze for English-cake pans and the glaze (beautiful color - Amaco PC 20 blue rutile) came out of the kiln (cone 5 fire) like it wrapped The glaze was pretty thick. Could it be a result of different shrinkage level than the body's? Thanks
  2. Galilica

    Glaze wrapped. please help!

    Thanks, Mark. i use to wet my pots before glazing, so i guess it's something with the glaze. although rutile suppose to be thick, I'll try to dilute it a little for my next trial.
  3. Galilica

    Glaze wrapped. please help!

    I used cork (sibelco k 3005), bisque fired it to cone 08. it happened also with white clay.
  4. Just opened my own business and got the same advice from my accountant...

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