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About Me

Chris Campbell is a full time studio potter in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She works with Colored Porcelain using Nerikome techniques with intensely colored, patterned canes. She is currently experimenting with adapting the Skinner Blend technique to earthen clays with great success.

She teaches workshops on expanding the use of colored clays / porcelain and lectures on the business aspects of Pottery Making.

She was a four year Board Member of the Potters Council, serving two as President and one as past President.

She is very proud to have been serving on Potters Council when this forum was discussed and launched. She remains dedicated to it's basic principles of being a lively forum where ideas are exchanged with respect.


"At the outset, we were told this type of forum would never work; it would be boring and no one would stay. We, as a pottery community, proved them wrong. We built and nurtured a safe place where anyone can ask any question and get intelligent, experienced and sympathetic answers. Bravo for us!"


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