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  1. colouring large batches of porcelain

    My reply would be two questions ... How often do you think you would be doing this? A pug mill is a big investment if all you want to do is color some clay once or twice and I am really not convinced it is the best tool for the job. How many colors? ... Multiple colors means totally cleaning out the mill between each batch ... ugh!
  2. Whether you are selling pizzas or pottery it is crucial to realize that you are running a business and therefore need to act like it. MAKE A PLAN! Yes, I am yelling. You cannot reach Hawaii by wandering west and not knowing there is an ocean in the way. Please don't just wander around making costly mistakes. READ UP ... Research ... just Google the topic and get advice on how to run a crafts based business which is about the same as running any small business. GO TO A CLASS ... many community colleges have classes on running a small business, the Arts Business Institute has regular weekend workshops that will save you from years of mistakes. Many, many websites or blogs offer excellent advice on running a crafts business. This site offers a ton of advice for those willing to understand that the advice is meant for them ... they are not a special exception to the boring work. Read or listen and learn. Right now is a fabulous time to be making a handmade product if you know what you are doing and marketing yourself properly. As more 'connected' people tire of the lack of personal contact in their daily lives home shows and studio shows are gaining popularity. People want the story ... they want the personal connection ... yes, they want a part of the dream that is "a life of creativity" .... they need items of consequence and to share the story with friends. Other Crafts are recognizing this and feeding the need. Even the foodie world is going to extremes to give them an excellent story to go with their meal. So, take yourself seriously. Do the work. Plan your attack for the long run of 5-8 years building a client base. It will pay off. I invite you to start here with my website, then continue on to others ... http://www.ccpottery.com/marketing_your_work_to_gall.html
  3. How about potters braving a 'Hurricane workshop'? Last week I taught a workshop in Atlanta ... believe me, we all had our eyes on the weather channel. Monday ... potters were the only ones who did not even consider cancelling their class ... all the other workshops did. ( Yeah potters!!!) We had to bail at three o'clock because debris was starting to fly in most areas of Atlanta and opinions were that we should go home. Some took their colored clay back to their hotels. Tuesday ... power is off at The Spruill Center for the Arts but the doors were open, Ken was welcoming us in ... we raise all the blinds in the room to let in max light ... and we are off. Power came back on around one and all was fine for the rest of the week.
  4. Signing Your Work, What Is Your Method?

    I just bought some work from a potter who uses decorative decals on the work but also has decals for her name ... in several sizes. So her name is very easy to read on the bottom of all the work. Such a simple solution.
  5. >And I think as a cousin to those face jugs, if one more person asks me if I can make them one of those yarn bowls where it's a face, >and the yarn gets threaded out the nostril, I'm gonna scream! Grossgrossgrossgrossgross!! Some potter used to make an egg separator like that ... the whites dripped out the nose. Ick
  6. They were originally made by slaves in North and South Carolina, but became popular again in the 70s hippy culture.
  7. Yes, I admit to a HUGE dislike ... face jugs and pots. They totally creep me out. If you see historical ones you can feel the anger radiating off them. Ugh and double ugh. When I had to do a face pot for class, I chose the face of a watch.
  8. Totality=One Lucky Guy

    From the sublime to the ridiculous ... well, my iphone. Coolest images watching the eclipse cross my yard and my deck ...
  9. Great question ... because at the time you are actually getting the advice, it's impossible to tell whether it is garbage or gold. Ok .. so some is obvious in that others are coming from their perceptions, their ideas. Good for them, but not universal truths. Others are the worst because of 'Who They Are' ... you think they know what they are talking about ... but ... they too are only talking from their own viewpoint of what works for them. The best are those elusive diamonds you pull from a long time of listening ... someone says something that connects. Something that rings so true. They often do not even know they are sharing this intense moment of connection and people around you don't even notice.
  10. There was a presentation about this at the Alabama Clay Conference several years ago. They were supplying plates for the high end restaurant in a Vegas Casino. As I recall they ended up buying sveral ram presses to keep up with the volume needed as breakage was high. Passing the health inspection was grueling too. She made the glaze the same color as the clay so any small chips would not show ... a small chip noticed by the Health inspector is not a good thing. Making a plate that survives hard use and industrial dishwashing is a challenge ... the owners bought the plates after one of them purposely dropped a plate from waist level to the floor and it did not break.
  11. Charging For Prop Wares

    I would rather get written permission to use the photos forever ... not ask for a few bucks now. Added later ... I say this based on the original description of the person requesting the work ... >I recently had a prominent food prop stylist / writer / taste maker request using my products for photo shoot.
  12. My favorite pots are the ones that stump me as to process ... sometimes the answers to how they were done have been ridiculously simple and other times unbelievable in the breadth of talent and familiarity with their medium. Just for fun, here are images of the simple one and the difficult one.
  13. Charging For Prop Wares

    I only have anecdotal information from potters who did this ... so take it for what its worth ... I have no personal experience. They had trouble getting the pieces back since it seems once pictures are taken, everybody leaves and the prop sometimes gets left behind or appropriated. So I would make sure they sign some paperwork as to the objects, the retail value, the date you expect it to be returned by. Then mentally write it off as gone. : - ) Regardless of this I would still do it. I would not charge but use links to the finished article on my site, my facebook pages ... all over the Internet to make sure everyone knew about it and saw it.
  14. I agree with Mea ... easiest for me is money. We have honed down our giving to local places, people we personally know and organizations we admire and trust. So, my idea for you is to look around your friends, family and neighborhood for your idea. What would these people who know you and trust you want to participate in to raise money? Have an idea come from your heart and people will feel it and help you. Start small and work on building your network. Get a good reputation for using the funds well. A solid foundation for long term funding of the camp.