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  1. This art work and such huge art exhibition will surely make all art lovers to visit Colorado at-least once as how I felt about the exhibition in the city.
  2. AbeliaLouis

    Texas Clay Festival

    I had right timings to saw the information for the art event in Taxes as will be there in the last of the month and really a very big fond of all art work and Pottery is one of them. Looking forward to see the event and the art work.
  3. AbeliaLouis

    Pottery in Paris?

    People that belong to France only can help you in finding some organization that can support your Pottery art work. I am very much interested in this pottery art and looking forward to see some samples of your work.
  4. AbeliaLouis

    Workhouse Arts Center-Josh DeWeese Workshop

    The event is going to be very exciting as people will get to know about different techniques of art work as in contemporary art and some historical art forms. Any art event excites me to watch it eagerly and this one did the same.
  5. AbeliaLouis

    Don Davis Exhibition in Denver

    I've seen the exhibition "Transition" and heard about the artist Don Davis but this would be the first time, I got to know some more details about the artist except his name.
  6. I like to attend such art events which let me know of these different art forms but as i couldn't see the info at time so missed your ceramic art event. I wish if you could provide some pictures of the event here.
  7. AbeliaLouis

    Undergraduate Showcase

    So you submitted your clay work without any modifications or did some more work on that before submission?
  8. AbeliaLouis

    Best Potters choice Glazes (post pics)

    I just love the ceramic art and beautiful colors used on it. Few of my favorite pots with such great combined colors.

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