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  1. Mason Stains and Slip

    Recently I observed several items where colored slip was used in the decoration. I have been surfing the internet to gather as much information as I could on making colored slip. I'm finding (if I am correct) that there is actually 2 different ways to use these Mason Stains, with Glazes and with Slip. The glazed process confuses me because I keep reading about not having this and that - such as zinc, etc or it would alter the color. Makes me feel like I need to be a scientist. With the colored slip the one I am actually interested in - seems we just need to mix the clay with the slip at a percentage. There where several questions I am trying to find answers to and would love the help. The first is, can purchased ready made slip be used with these mason stains to make colored slip? Second, when these colored slips are fired are they gloss or matte? Reason I ask about the matte is, I keep reading that it has to match the glaze contents. Am I reading things into my searching that I shouldn't.
  2. Any clay suppliers in Memphis?

    There are 2 Pottery Supply places in Memphis, we don't have a whole lot to chose from. • Arlees Ceramic Center - 3217 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN (901) 452-0802 • Harolds - 2867 Cela Rd, Memphis, TN 38128 (901) 386-2574 Both places deal mainly in Greenware and Bisque but Arlee's does have some supplies, glazes, clay, and earthenware slip, etc. Harolds (Jane) carries Gare glazes, not sure about clay.