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  1. exposed coil work

    sure, here is one that i have attached. infact i would really appreciate if you could give me your feedback. Thank you for sharing. Sorry I took so long to thank you. Been real busy. I agree with the other posts. Your work is beautiful, like nature, a fungas or a coral from the sea. must take a lot of time to construct a piece. I don't do a lot of coil work so I can't be much help. sometime I will take a piece that I have been working on and when I am done I will put it in a plastic bag and let it set a day or so , so all the clay can equalize in moisture content. Then I'll take it out of the bag for a few hours and then seal it back up and then do it again the next day. I repeat this process until it is dry I think this helps it to shrink evenly and thinner pieces don't crack and separate from the thicker pieces. Also when you are working on a piece that takes more time, the early parts of it are getting dryer than the part you are working on. I do not know if that would apply to what you are doing or not. Just a thought. ain't clay fun Kabe your work is beautiful Kabe! Your experience has really paid off! Do you sell in Saint Joe? irishoday28