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  1. Studio flooring choices

    Thank you all for your input. We decided to go with an epoxy sealant/paint and I sealed the wall/floor area with silicone. I will be making a tile heat shield for the kiln to sit on. Again, thanks to all. Clint
  2. Studio flooring choices

    Thanks Mark, Floor paint sounds like a good option. I will also investigate sealing the linoleum seams and talk to my contractor about it. He's a hard sell but I really like the ease of cleaning lino.
  3. Hello everyone, Recently I have begun construction on a small studio space. The contractor has already placed the sub-floor and needs to know what I'll be using for the primary. Originally we thought we would use single sheet linoleum but the size of the space (16'x20') prohibits that as linoleum only comes in 12' widths. At least that's what the retailers say. I would love to hear what you all have had success with and get your insights on this. Thanks all, Clint

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