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  1. christerrell

    Cremation Urrn

    Thank you, that's very helpful. Thanks also to the other Community members who have responded to my question on this; I appreciate it. Chris
  2. christerrell

    Cremation Urrn

    Very interesting information on this thread, thank you. I am designing an urn for my father's ashes but am not sure what volume I should allow for nor how best to work out the dimensions of the form to accommodate this (the maths for ellipsoid volume calculations gets too complex for me!). Can anybody advise me please? I have in mind a very simple, roughly egg-shape urn in a clay (Oxidising St Thomas from Potclays, UK) that will be earthenware fired. Thank you in advance. Chris
  3. Thanks for the tips, I was about to start a topic on this as I've had this happen on a porcelain teapot. I'm going to try a Dremel with a glass cutting bit. The pot's nice but until I get those holes clear, it won't pour!
  4. Thank you, I've been trialling hydrometers from our science department to find one suitable for this. The tube is a good idea.

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