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  1. Several years ago I threw and bisque fired a very large pot. During a momentary lapse of reason, I painted it with acrylics. I now wish to make amends and remove the paint. I want to fire the pot again to remove the paint, but don't know what would happen if I did. Another potter said it would explode in the kiln. Any comments?
  2. Long ago I made a very large carved bowl, but, instead of glazing it after the bisque firing I painted it with acrylics (o.k., just call it a "momentary lapse of reason") Now, since it sat for years, unseen by the public, but loved by me, I want to repair my mistake. My question: What would happen if I refired it? To what cone # ? Could it possibly explode or do something really damaging to my kiln? Suggestions appreciated Asunta
  3. Fell in love with clay during the 70's and have involved myself with it since then.

  4. asunta

    Amaco Ancient Jasper Question

    Wow! Ancient Jasper glaze has really started some interesting comments. And to think I started it!!. I salute Steve @ Amaco for the info stuffed response about this glaze and I learned tons from the other members of this happy clay club about firing etc. I love the look of this glaze and will continue to test it based on advise from all above. However, I'm still concerned about firing so hot so quickly. Am I not endangering the remaining ware in the kiln with such a speedy method? Asunta
  5. asunta

    changing kiln temperatures

    Hi Chris By heavy handed, I mean my ware is thick. And I misquoted my firing. It's not bisque, but the glaze firing. I usually fire about 11 hours. Haven't used cones, but depend on the kilns digital system. My greenware firing is about 8 hours. Isn't a 6 to 8 hour firing for a glaze batch cause for messing up the whole kiln load because it's so short a time? thanks Nancy
  6. I've been trying Amacos Potters Choice glazes and have gotten o.k. results except for one called Ancient Jasper which is a combo of red and black. Mine comes out glossy brown. Not good. Contacted Amaco Tech help and was advised to alter my firing schedule down from the usual bisque firing of 11 hours to between 6 and 8 hours in order to achieve the results indicated on Amaco charts. This change seems radical to me, since I'm rather heavy-handed using a stoneware body. Is anyone else using these products? If so, would love to hear how you get the results advertised by Amaco, and how long you fire for. Thanks, Asunta

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