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  1. repairing grenware?

    I'm in France and I am not sure to find Ceramic Enhancer here ... same for the Karo Syrup. I tried another kind of candi syrup.
  2. repairing grenware?

    Hi ! I have problems with very small cracks appearing on a piece which isn't completely dry yet. They appear there where two parts join and I am suspecting one wasn't as soft as the other while joining them ... classic beginners problem :-S ... I fear that it will completely crack while bone-dry. I tried scoring, humidifying, consolidating the area with soft clay, but after leaving it to dry slowly (wrapped in plastic), they still come through (smaller, but still). Your solution seems worth trying. Is this a good way to proceed : scoring, humidifying, putting on some of the paste and than later on sanding off the excess ? Thanks for your help ! Chris