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  1. Glaze Problem

    I have just got a new kiln after graduating from uni. Its is a second hand Cromartie. I create porcelain slipcast ware. I did a test of a biscuit firing to 1000degrees and everything seemed fine. I have fired alot of my work to this successfully. When testing the glaze firing I used the same firing cycle as uni: 100degrees/hour to 600degrees FULL to 1260degrees SOAK for 30 mins END When I opened the kiln up the pieces are dry looking and are rough with a few craters on the surface. The glaze I am using is as follows: Nephaline Syenite- 35 Dolomitie-20 Whiting-5 China Clay- 20 Flint-20 It is a matt smooth white glaze and is the same as I always used at uni. I thought maybe the kiln had overfired so re-tested it again and just sent it to 1200degree with a soak of 30 mins. The same thing seems to happen although the pieces are a little smoother, could this be because they havent fired high enough? I was wondering if the kiln has overfired or under fired at the 1260degrees? I have had various opinions on this. What would you suggest to do? Please help! I have craft fairs next weekend and need to get some work fired desperetely!!