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  1. mayaearth

    Inherited glaze materials

    The unidentified materials are minimal, a few pounds at most. It's good to know that the materials are still good and, of course, I'm starting with test batches.Thanks so much for the response!
  2. I've recently been given access to a studio full of glaze materials! Is there any concern that certain materials could go bad, or stale, as they've been sitting for several years? Everything has been stored in lidded jars and buckets. Also, a few of the jars have lost their labels. Is there any way to go about identifying the mystery materials?
  3. I recently reclaimed a couple buckets of a variety of stoneware clays that I've been collecting over the years. All clay is the high fire, just difference sources and a small variety of colors, brown and grays. In the mixing process I did add dry fire clay to the mix (Hawthorne 35 mesh) to bring it up to a drier consistency, then wedged, and rolled into slabs. In working with the slabs, the clay was cracking as I was building, even as the clay was a workable wetness. I'm wondering if more wedging would be beneficial or if there is something else I could add during the mixing process to make the clay more workable. Thanks for any input!

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