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  1. A great discussion. First off I would like to say that if you're creating pottery to make a lot of money,I highly recommend counselling We need first establish why we make pots. I have come to it after many years of admiring vintage pottery. I have taken it up because I think about it when I should be thinking of other things, when I wake up in the night and best of all, when I have my hands deep in clay, and because there is nothing more magical then when I'm pulling up a wall and the stars align and the clay flows between my fingers like an ocean wave rising. I spent most of my life trying to make lots of money and I can tell you that it is a waste of a life. Make what you need to provide food, shelter and clothing and then make pots (or whatever your passion is) and spend time with friends and family and you will have a life well lived. If your goal is to make more money then I would respectfully ask "how many pottery classes have you taken versus how many business classes have you taken?" Learn about business. Make what sells until your stomach is full and then make what you dream of in the night afterwords. I want to thank all of the people who take the time to post their knowledge, create videos for me to watch and who support potters in any way, especially CAD. Archie
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