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  1. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Because I live a long way from a kiln parts store, I keep a few parts on hand. Like pretty much everything. I have had to replace a relay twice. Not the same one. But it's pretty clear when you do need to do that. When I change the elements, I change the thermocouples. Like Mea said, they do seem to last longer, but they are not expensive (relatively) and it's easy to do while you have everything apart. Roberta
  2. DSCN6246

    What are you using as a liner glaze on this one??
  3. DSCN5355

    not only is the bowl a shape that begs to be held, your photo is excellent!
  4. DSCN5097

    Beautiful handle! and glaze!
  5. gallery 63346 1153 956385

    beautiful shape, beautiful layering.
  6. Moon Jars

    Joseph, the shape of these jars.....well, it's perfection. I am impressed. I especially like the texture, of the unglazed pots and the glazed pots. Excellent work!
  7. Is Obsidian a satin/matte glaze? Is the PC you are using a satin/matte also? Just wondering. Roberta
  8. Nice Lee! I am impressed. I think how you linked the pdf docs. Great!! Roberta
  9. Can I save this mug?

    what they said. You will make many more pots. As Joseph suggested save it for a pencil holder or vase. Best piece of advice I ever got was "there are no precious pots" You will learn from every single problem that you have in pottery. And Min's suggestion was also spot on for future work! Roberta
  10. I did use plaster of paris (from the hardware store) for my damp boxes. I haven't had problems yet. If I do molds or bats, I will get potters plaster for certain!! Roberta
  11. Making sugar savers question

    That's what I did. They work great. a red/brown cone 6 clay that I fired to 04. I use them all the time. Roberta
  12. How do we call it in English?

    Judith, I watched the video and it was painting on pots. Either UG or cobalt ox. I don't know if it has another name. I did like the potters gestures with his brush. Roberta
  13. ######## Tumbler

    the feet on your mugs are great!!!
  14. Another clear glaze question

    I think I should have made the photo smaller. Sorry
  15. I had a collaborative project with a friend. I made the trays, she applied the black underglaze and did the sgraffito work. I bisqued the pieces to 04 and sprayed them with clear. All of the pieces came out with a white speckling and slight pitting. I have not noticed this effect on my other work with underglaze and clear. But I do not normally use large expanses of black. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? We would love to do more of this work. Roberta