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  1. If you are mixing a clear glaze, there are a few to try.  I don't have access to Standard, but have tried all of Laguna and Aardvark and Continental's midfire porcelains.  Get your hands on a copy of Mastering Cone 6.  They have a couple of clears in there.  Min gave me a clear recipe, I mixed up a small batch and now that Christmas is over will do further testing on it.  I also mixed up a small batch of Low Expansion Clear out of the John Britt book. More testing on this one as well.   Recipe below

    F-4 feldspar    24.4

    Silica          26.4

    Wollastonite   14.7

    Kaolin       14.2

    FF 3249     20.3

    Bentonite   2




  2. I use a lot of underglaze with my work.  I use it mostly on bisque because the bisque is more sturdy and puts up with my handling.  But I have used it successfully on greenware.  I put my design on the bisqueware, spray clear over and fire to cone 6.  Designer liner by Mayco can be used to put down fine lines, you can draw with a great deal of detail.  Then you can "paint" over the lines you have drawn with underglaze.   I use Amaco and Duncan underglaze, simply because that is what I have available.  I hear that there are other underglazes that are good as well.  At times I have used underglaze pencils.  They perform well also.  It is simply a different look.  You can use underglaze to coat an entire piece or for small designs. or to add a small pop of color.  Underglazes are quite versatile.  They can be blended and mixed to get just the color or effect you want.  Red is rather expensive, but the rest of them aren't too bad considering how long they last and the small amount a person used.  The maroon and pink seem to burn out at cone 6.  Red holds its color nicely.  

    Good luck!


  3. That is interesting.  Hadn't thought about that.  Just finished a two day show.  I had a friend recommend odd numbers.  So that is what I did.  $11, 13, 27, like that.  I really don't know if it made much difference.  I came close to selling out.  I have never had that happen.  But I like the 8's.

    I had Mea's voice in my head talking about raising prices because things were selling so quickly.  But the shoppers came so fast I didn't have time.  However, I may need to think about that. in the future.  




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  4. 50 minutes ago, GEP said:

    I just finished the entire audiobook series starring Barbara Holloway, the intrepid defense attorney from Eugene Oregon. This is my second time through it. Now I'm starting over on the book series starring Harry Hole, brilliant detective from Oslo Norway, with a knack for catching serial killers. The stories are pretty gruesome, not just the murders but also the enemies within his police department, and his battle with alcoholism. The writing is also really well structured and clever. One of his books is about to be released as a movie (The Snowman) so I want to reacquaint myself with the character before I see the movie.

    Mea, you mentioned the Jack Reacher series before,  So I started reading those (very entertaining!)  I will now check out these two characters you have mentioned.  And no, I am not doing audiobook, but I am downloading from the library for reading.   I love your recommendations!  Have you read/listened to Robert Galbraith?  Quite satisfying.

    In the studio, I start with a variety of music in the morning, check in on Public Radio at some point during the day, change up the music, and will probably end up with something on Hulu.  I really like a lot of the BBC comedies and dramas. 

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  5. Because I live a long way from a kiln parts store, I keep a few parts on hand.  Like pretty much everything.  I have had to replace a relay twice.  Not the same one.  But it's pretty clear when you do need to do that.  When I change the elements, I change the thermocouples.  Like Mea said, they do seem to last longer, but they are not expensive (relatively) and it's easy to do while you have everything apart. 


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  6. what they said.  You will make many more pots.  As Joseph suggested save it for a pencil holder or vase.  Best piece of advice I ever got was "there are no precious pots"   You will learn from every single problem that you have in pottery.  And Min's suggestion was also spot on for future work!


  7. I had a collaborative project with a friend.  I made the trays, she applied the black underglaze and did the sgraffito work.  I bisqued the pieces to 04 and sprayed them with clear.  All of the pieces came out with a white speckling and slight pitting.  I have not noticed this effect on my other work with underglaze and clear.  But I do not normally use large expanses of black.  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?  We would love to do more of this work. 


    IMG_20170926_104014512 sgraffito.jpg

  8. I use a clear that I have mixed.  I have never achieved the desired result with brushing or dipping.  I spray.  That gives me a nice even, consistent application.  But my clear has to be thin.  To Spray, to brush, to dip.  I really think your clear must have been too thick.  I was taught to hold a bisque piece under a running faucet and scrub it before glazing.  I did not like the results.  I switched to a damp sponge wiping down the piece.  Then I put the underglaze on.  That works better for me.


  9. I bought a roll last year from Nashville Wraps.  A group of us went in on an order and I got free shipping, but I have to say that paper is impossible to tear!!  Seems to have a coating of some sort on it.  In order to use it I have resorted to pre cutting it.  It's a pain but at least I can use it.  No local printing here in my burg but I will be on the lookout on my travels and see if I can find a printer! 



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