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  1. Joseph F, thank you so much for posting that clip from Steve Loucks. I was sitting behind the tallest man in the world and could not see the screen at all. Afterward I searched to see if Steve had written a book, but alas, no. I didn't even think about looking for the youtube video! Roberta
  2. RonSa, some very good points here. Callie and Min both talk about testing. See what fits your clay and firing schedule. I went through years of trying to find a white stoneware that I loved. I have actually settled on a porcelain that I love. But I have tried a few clear recipes and always go back to the one in Mastering Cone Six. I have had clears that craze.....so I stick with what works reliably for me and my clay. My clear recipe works on the porcelain, the buff, and the dark red that I use. I am not messing with success. But you will find what works for you. I use an 80 mesh screen and I have a 100 mesh that I bought by mistake. I love my little digital scale. It goes to 2600g. I started with FF 3124,3134,3195 and added 3110 later. Try to keep it as simple as you can to begin. If you live close to a supply place, all the better. Then you don't feel like you have to "stock up". Roberta
  3. Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

    Just got home myself! Wonderful trip and I loved Portland!! Introduced myself to John B. Chatted briefly with Marcia but never made it over to where she was stationed.... I think I might have seen Sheryl Leigh a time or two but she didn't have her respirator on!! Roberta
  4. Lee, that is very organized!!!!! Nice job! Will that be manageable at a show or sale? That is always the problem I have, things happen so quickly at a sale that I don't know how I would keep track of individual items. Usually I have a list, 20 dinner plates, 20 salad plates, 40 mugs.....and so on. But if you are running it through your square reader or whatever, then maybe you would know?? Roberta
  5. Claystories 3 At Nceca

    Steven, which day will this be? Roberta
  6. Adding Colour To White Commercial Glaze

    good question. One I have never thought of. Can't wait to hear responses! r.
  7. Cap'n Cavy Progress Photos (Help?)

    Cavvy, love the coat LOVE the earring Love the collar All the details. Cap n' is worth the time you have spent and will spend! Roberta
  8. Copper Lustre?

    Every so often a person can find it. I found it right after Christmas but didn't order I think it was Glaser ceramics that had it. just keep looking. If you find it, please let me know! Roberta
  9. forgot the 26% on the Potash Feldspar (custer) r.
  10. Giselle, let me muddy the waters even further.....I was at a Bill Van Gilder workshop last summer and the local studio had a recipe for what they called Porcelain Slip EPK 50% 3 1/3 cups Silica 24% 1 cup Potash Feldspar (custer) 1 1/4 cup I mixed this up at home and it is super white. Even whiter than Don Davis Engobe. So far it has behaved well on Speckled Buff and SB Red. Roberta
  11. I have ordered things from http://www.sheffield-pottery.com/ because they do have free shipping on underglazes and small tools... I am excited for you Terry! Roberta
  12. Plates - Slump & Hump

    Joseph, I do like your plates. They looked just like your original photo! But Min had some good points about usability. Min, I also like the set you made for the customer. I threw some that are similar. I think my rim is a bit taller. After I threw them, I was thinking about stackablity. Once fired I will check that out. We have been using some square plates I made before Christmas. They are holding up well, but could use more of a rim, and here is Min's point about the cupboard.....if you are going to have square plates, they allllll need to be square in order to fit in the space for plates! Since I only have two square ones, we just stack them on top of the rounds.....Always something to learn!! Roberta
  13. Plates - Slump & Hump

    Ok, now I have to try Min's idea!!!!! Roberta
  14. Plates - Slump & Hump

    I found some square plates at the thrift store. Altered the shape a bit to suit me and that is what I have been using for flat bottomed molds for plates. however......Joseph, thanks for starting this thread. I really want to try Chris's method and Marcia's! .....Like Mea mentioned, I have had better success with plates not warping if I make sure the clay is thick enough. The other thing I do is place bags of rice on the middle of the plate while it is drying. That does seem to help. Roberta
  15. I really like porcelain as well. I liked nara 5 the very best but have now fallen in love with #16 from Laguna. I use it for handbuilding and throwing!!! Just loooovvvveee that smooth stuff!!! Roberta
  16. Foodsafe Glaze Over Non-Foodsafe Glaze?

    I agree with Pres. When I first started mixing my own glazes, I was very taken with a couple of recipes that used barium. My clay supplier wouldn't even sell it to me.....he told me to do some research first. That was good advice. I was just wondering what Stone Spiral was basing the "not food safe" on. On a label? hearsay? It is so important to do some research....and figure out your level of risk (sounds like a financial advisor, huh?) and the level of risk for whomever may be using that pot in the future! Roberta
  17. I hope you all have a moment to check out Chris's article in Pottery Making Illustrated on throwing with colored clay. I really liked the detailed diagrams. Thanks Chris for sharing! I was wondering if the pots on page 40 had a clear glaze on them? If not, is that something you would do? Roberta
  18. Foodsafe Glaze Over Non-Foodsafe Glaze?

    How do you know it is not food safe? Roberta
  19. Yes, thanks NancyLee for getting this thread going again. I made a presentation to two third grade classes this week about Supply and Demand and Consumer and Producer. I am a retired school employee who started a business after retirement. My friend the third grade teacher said the students thought all businesses were BIG businesses (Walmart, large ranches, etc.) I was impressed with what had already been taught. The students' questions were thoughtful. "what happens when you don't sell everything, do you mark it down?" (Blue light special) "how much inventory do you have for a show?" "do you make seasonal items?" It was a good conversation and it made me think about what I am doing and the changes I have made in the last 4 years. There is a new shop opening here in my small town. A kitchen shop. The new owner approached me about carrying some of my work. I was there the day she got a HUGE order of melamine dinnerware. We did not discuss terms, wholesale, commission, or anything else, it was merely a passing conversation. But that HUGE order of melamine stuck in my brain. I cannot compete, nor do I want to compete, with melamine. So, I think that is some of what I have learned, I have a better idea of where my venues will be, the places that I will be able to sell my work and actually make money. Oh, and did I mention have fun doing it??? Roberta
  20. just earrings. I cannot STAND to have clay under my ring. Drives me nuts! To say nothing of the damage I could inflict upon a piece!! Roberta
  21. What Is Nceca?

    Ditto to what John and Marcia said. Since last year was my first time, I felt like I was a part of something much bigger than myself and my small group of ceramic buds....definitely broadened my definition of the words "potter" and "ceramics" and gave me such an appreciation of how hard people work in this field and how grateful most of them are to be doing what they do. There was so much passion for clay......for art.....for each other. Roberta
  22. I do use a vent, L&L downward draft coming out of the bottom. Because we built the shop and then put the kiln/vent in, we were able to put the vent where we wanted it. So, a hole was cut through the side of the shop and the vent mounted and everything around was sealed up. Like Neil said, the heat is welcome part of the year. And in the warmer months, I open windows, doors, and run a fan. I have always used a vent, so I really don't have a comparison. Looking at dhPotter's pictures though, that tells me that there would be a difference! Roberta
  23. It really depends on your farmers Market. I live close to a major ski area/summer destination. That farmer's Market is AMAZING! New crowd every Saturday. So there is always a new opportunity for sales. In my town, the farmer's market is small. My town is small. The crowds are there for food and consumables mostly. I don't do this one, I am concerned about oversaturation in my small burg. But it could be a great event where you are! Roberta
  24. Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

    I am going! I will wear my respirator Sheryl Leigh, so you can recognize me! I went last year to Kansas City and it was such a wonderful experience! Roberta
  25. I have used Continental clay and loved both the clay (for throwing and handbuilding) and the supplier. However because of the wide firing range, I was having problems with my clear glaze and a couple of other translucent glazes fitting that clay. I realize now, that clear can be an issue for some clays, I used Super white at a clay camp and it was so nice to work with, however once glazed, all my pieces crazed. A lot. I used the mid fire white stoneware and I had crazing with it. I have used a box of the buff stoneware and did not have any crazing with clear. And it was a pleasure to throw! I glaze fire to cone 6 and bisque to 04. I guess my test is "how does this clay work with my clear?" I don't use clear exclusively but I do use it quite a bit. So if you have a clear that might fit the clay or if you don't use a lot of clear, Continental could be a great clay for handbuilding and throwing. After having read a number of threads about the wide range of firing temps for some clays, I have tried to use clays with a more "dialed in" firing temp. Roberta

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