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  1. Waster Slab Question

    I have to ask.....what is a waster slab?
  2. I asked a mentor friend that same question a few years back. I told her I noticed that professional potters seemed to have a specific palette of color. It does make sense. When I was starting out I wanted to try every glaze color in the rainbow. It has taken me a while to land on certain colors that I like and gravitate towards. Like Mea pointed out it gives you a recognizable look, and the opportunity to really fine tune your clay/glaze. If you know your glazes, and how they fire and what they do on your clay body, you are not spending extra time on mixing and testing. I think there will always be some of that, but for me, it's been a matter of really focusing on glazes that behave well and that are appealing. Roberta
  3. Underglazes And Such

    I have used Amaco underglaze and Duncan and I have a couple of bottles of Mayco. I fire to cone 6 and have had great luck with all of them. I hear good reports about Speedball and Spectrum as well. As was mentioned above, Maroon, rose, pink all seem to burn out or fade at cone 6. But I have had good luck with Amaco's lilac, violet, amethyst.....A set like you mentioned might be a good way to see which colors she likes and just to get a feel for the underglazes. They are very "blendable" so you can get the color you want, easily. Roberta
  4. I would probably build a wood kiln. Lots of access to wood. I would handbuild, unless I could get plans to build a treadle wheel. And maybe a small propane kiln for some things. Our house is passive solar, but we are thinking about panels for the shop. Yes, when is this happening?? I better get moving on this project! Roberta
  5. I have an old RK 10, used, as well. Bought it for a spare. We replaced the electrical plug on it....lubricated what needed it. Mine is fairly noisy and it will turn the opposite way once it is stopped, so I emailed Shimpo and asked about replacing parts, etc. They were very very helpful. Do not hesitate to reach out to them. I think Shimpos must be durable, because the old ones are still hanging around giving life to new potters! Good Luck! Roberta
  6. I was cleaning off my desk and ran across a quote...."art making as a series of decisions in creative problem solving." Josh Copus I have found my clay work to be exactly that. So perhaps I am an artist! Roberta
  7. I may not consider myself an artist (yet) but I do recognize that in other works woodworking, silversmithing, leatherwork, photography, culinary, many areas. I like Marcia's comment the best, though, "calling oneself an artist because of the medium seems to be ridiculous" Roberta
  8. We have had this discussion before. It is always interesting when it comes round again. I can still remember how surprised I was the first time I was told only painters are artists. I suppose that because I came to clay a little later in life, I was simply excited about making things! My friend (photographer) and I spent 3 years trying to organize a group of makers here in our little town. Lots of good events and friendships have come of this, but we could never get the painters to join in on anything. Last year a painter pointed out that only painters were artists and we as "makers" (my word) were diluting the art base and giving the public the wrong idea about what was art. So that is why the painters would not participate in any gatherings. I was also told by a painter that painters (true artists) wouldn't participate in our events because they want prizes. Money, ribbons, trophys, accolades. I have always just been happy to sell something or get feedback on my work or to make new friends!! Apparently that is not true with painters. I do know via Instagram , potters who are painters. I wonder how they feel about this? I may have to ask. When people tell me I am talented, I just cringe. I really don't feel that whatsoever. I consider myself a craftsman(woman) who has devoted a great deal of time learning a craft. And I will always feel that way. Not an artist, but a craftperson, learning a craft. Roberta
  9. Thanks for the link Nancy, I was going to share that also! I mixed up several batches of that "shino" a couple of years ago. One batch had copper carb in it for a nice soft green that broke brown where it was thinner. I think I did 4% copper carb. And yes, it does look almost like the Coyote "shino". It's a very durable, stable, glaze. Roberta
  10. Terry, I would probably have enough money to buy another kiln if I put a dollar in a jar every single time someone asked me to fire something for them. I loved your "call and response" Yep, I have heard all of those. Here' another one. "my daughter made a bowl in high school and never fired it, can you do that?" Which high school I asked. "One in Nebraska". (I live in Colorado) I have not had a problem saying no. It was my $$ that bought the kiln, fires the kiln, bought the furniture, maintains the kiln....so I get to say what goes in it. Geez, I sound like the little red hen! Print out some pictures and stand tall! Roberta
  11. Joseph F, thank you so much for posting that clip from Steve Loucks. I was sitting behind the tallest man in the world and could not see the screen at all. Afterward I searched to see if Steve had written a book, but alas, no. I didn't even think about looking for the youtube video! Roberta
  12. RonSa, some very good points here. Callie and Min both talk about testing. See what fits your clay and firing schedule. I went through years of trying to find a white stoneware that I loved. I have actually settled on a porcelain that I love. But I have tried a few clear recipes and always go back to the one in Mastering Cone Six. I have had clears that craze.....so I stick with what works reliably for me and my clay. My clear recipe works on the porcelain, the buff, and the dark red that I use. I am not messing with success. But you will find what works for you. I use an 80 mesh screen and I have a 100 mesh that I bought by mistake. I love my little digital scale. It goes to 2600g. I started with FF 3124,3134,3195 and added 3110 later. Try to keep it as simple as you can to begin. If you live close to a supply place, all the better. Then you don't feel like you have to "stock up". Roberta
  13. Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

    Just got home myself! Wonderful trip and I loved Portland!! Introduced myself to John B. Chatted briefly with Marcia but never made it over to where she was stationed.... I think I might have seen Sheryl Leigh a time or two but she didn't have her respirator on!! Roberta
  14. Lee, that is very organized!!!!! Nice job! Will that be manageable at a show or sale? That is always the problem I have, things happen so quickly at a sale that I don't know how I would keep track of individual items. Usually I have a list, 20 dinner plates, 20 salad plates, 40 mugs.....and so on. But if you are running it through your square reader or whatever, then maybe you would know?? Roberta
  15. Claystories 3 At Nceca

    Steven, which day will this be? Roberta
  16. Adding Colour To White Commercial Glaze

    good question. One I have never thought of. Can't wait to hear responses! r.
  17. Cap'n Cavy Progress Photos (Help?)

    Cavvy, love the coat LOVE the earring Love the collar All the details. Cap n' is worth the time you have spent and will spend! Roberta
  18. Copper Lustre?

    Every so often a person can find it. I found it right after Christmas but didn't order I think it was Glaser ceramics that had it. just keep looking. If you find it, please let me know! Roberta
  19. forgot the 26% on the Potash Feldspar (custer) r.
  20. Giselle, let me muddy the waters even further.....I was at a Bill Van Gilder workshop last summer and the local studio had a recipe for what they called Porcelain Slip EPK 50% 3 1/3 cups Silica 24% 1 cup Potash Feldspar (custer) 1 1/4 cup I mixed this up at home and it is super white. Even whiter than Don Davis Engobe. So far it has behaved well on Speckled Buff and SB Red. Roberta
  21. I have ordered things from http://www.sheffield-pottery.com/ because they do have free shipping on underglazes and small tools... I am excited for you Terry! Roberta
  22. Plates - Slump & Hump

    Joseph, I do like your plates. They looked just like your original photo! But Min had some good points about usability. Min, I also like the set you made for the customer. I threw some that are similar. I think my rim is a bit taller. After I threw them, I was thinking about stackablity. Once fired I will check that out. We have been using some square plates I made before Christmas. They are holding up well, but could use more of a rim, and here is Min's point about the cupboard.....if you are going to have square plates, they allllll need to be square in order to fit in the space for plates! Since I only have two square ones, we just stack them on top of the rounds.....Always something to learn!! Roberta
  23. Plates - Slump & Hump

    Ok, now I have to try Min's idea!!!!! Roberta
  24. Plates - Slump & Hump

    I found some square plates at the thrift store. Altered the shape a bit to suit me and that is what I have been using for flat bottomed molds for plates. however......Joseph, thanks for starting this thread. I really want to try Chris's method and Marcia's! .....Like Mea mentioned, I have had better success with plates not warping if I make sure the clay is thick enough. The other thing I do is place bags of rice on the middle of the plate while it is drying. That does seem to help. Roberta
  25. I really like porcelain as well. I liked nara 5 the very best but have now fallen in love with #16 from Laguna. I use it for handbuilding and throwing!!! Just loooovvvveee that smooth stuff!!! Roberta

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