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    L&l Vs Skutt

    I started out using a skutt (community studio) but purchased an L&L. The element holders make it a bit easier to change elements ,imho, but I have to say that the biggest selling point for me is the incredible service. I live in a remote area so I have to do all of my own maintenance and diagnostic if there is a problem. I have had the president of the company return my email at 10:00 at night (midnight his time) and answer newbie questions, I was put in touch with my very own kiln person, who 5 years later still will answer my questions via phone or email. The manual is thorough, and the website has a great deal of information plus videos. I know that Skutt has been around for a very long time and probably has many of the same service plans, but L&L has my vote. 667 firings later, I still love my L&L. Roberta
  2. Roberta12

    Clear Glaze Crazing

    Thank you Ron and Min. r
  3. Roberta12

    Clear Glaze Crazing

    I just found information on my question in the book MC6 on page 99. I have found that some things simply do not make sense to me until I am either ready to use it or have enough prior knowledge to utilize new info. I really do need a good glaze class and tutoring in Insight (or something) yep. r.
  4. Roberta12

    Clear Glaze Crazing

    I use a lot of clear and have been on the hunt for clay/clear glaze fit for some time. I started out using the clear from MC6, but found that on some white clays both porcelain and stoneware, I would get crazing. I thought I had a good fit with Nara 5 porcelain and that clear recipe but discovered that crazing would appear later, not immediately. I have switched to Laguna's #16 porcelain, and at this point, I am not getting crazing, but......I am going to do that boiling/freezing test to see what happens. Laguna doesn't seem to list the COE. In my quest for a better clear, I discovered that MC6 had another recipe using G200HP (which is what I have) so I mixed that and noticed no difference whatsoever. After all that, here is my question, I met a potter in Denver who works exclusively with Laguna #16 and uses one of the Low Expansion clears in John Britt's book on page 77. She said it was so she would NOT have crazing. If the clear has a low COE 5.54 or 5.71 doesn't that mean it would not expand as much and be prone to crazing?? Just sign me, Seriously Confused aka Roberta Clear Recipe from MC6 G200 feldspar 20 FF 3134 20 Wollastonite 15 EPK 20 talc 6 Silica 19
  5. I was about 3 years into pottery and had a great idea for some wall pieces. Very simple, but colorful, something that could hang on a patio. I drew them out, colored, sketched, made patterns, and began making my idea! I was so excited!!! But every time I fired one of the pieces, it would break, crack, I could not get any success whatsoever. I remember sitting outside the community studio, very discouraged. My friend/teacher at the time, came along and explained it was the design of the piece. Too flat, too large. Once I pulled myself together, I began reading about firing large, flat pieces and what considerations a person should keep in mind. It was a turning point for me. 1. I then realized how much information is out there about ceramics and that a person could completely immerse themself in study for the rest of their life and 2. I could solve this problem, and I did with simply design changes. I do feel that to spend time in pottery (either hobby or professional) you have to be not only resilient but a creative problem solver. They go hand in hand. Marcia and Giselle both brought up a good point about illness, tragedy, and the flat parts of life..... at times you need to do like Giselle said and put it in the crock pot (love that! because that is what I do also) or go at it from a different direction......Good points, both of you! Roberta
  6. Roberta12

    Introduction And Garage Studio

    Welcome KJ. And yes, I have outgrown the 1/3 of the shop that I have for the kiln and glazing, the bedroom downstairs which is my studio, I have spread into the spare room for drying pots, and am now in the process of cleaning out and reorganizing in order to not let my clay issue take over the entire house!!! Best wishes to you. Roberta
  7. Roberta12

    Bowl,plate & mug

    Lovely pieces!! I really like the shapes. These would look lovely on a table!
  8. I don't think you are on Etsy, are you Mea? Did someone point this out to you? Though I have not been pottering for as long as some, I feel your work has a VERY distinctive look, feel, quality, design. Roberta
  9. I broke one of my own rules and applied and was accepted in a show that I had never visited. I knew it was in a destination/tourist area but I hadn't thought things through. Many people were traveling, as in flying, home so did not have room for larger pieces. However, I sold the heck out of small things (thankfully I had quite a few) so it was ok. I made some good contacts and met some very nice people. But it's not a show I will do again. It cost too much to get there, be there, and come home. I probably sold more than most of the vendors, but it wasn't enough to keep on my list for next year.. and it was a tough location to set up in, no easy access, and pots are heavy!! Yep, live and learn. Roberta
  10. Roberta12

    Tip Size For Hvlp Spray Gun

    I find I need to keep my glazes a little on the thin side for spraying. Yes, pancake batter and with the clear glaze a tad bit thinner. I have the hvlp gun from Harbor Freight. And as Johnny K mentioned, you might want to make adjustments depending on the thickness of your glaze and what you are trying to accomplish with the spraying. I always sieve my glazes before putting them into the hopper. A simple small kitchen sieve works great, just to get any chunks out that might clog the tip. I was unaware there were different size tips.....I just use whatever came with the sprayer. And.....use a respirator!! Roberta
  11. I make mugs with sprigs for a local business. I have started using rubber latex on the sprig before glazing. It works better for me than regular wax. The stamp I use makes a fairly deep impression. Roberta
  12. Roberta12

    Exactly What Is Going Wrong Here?

    When can we expect this wonderful, rise to any occasion, Glazenerd clay to hit the open market???? Roberta
  13. Roberta12

    Please Help! What Causes This?

    Now if I am wrong: please remember I suffer from CAD ( chronic assumption disorder), compounded by my bad habit of breathing lithium carbonate dust. Better yet, please include the clay body type and firing schedule when you post another question. Information narrows the windows down. Nerd hahahahahahaha.... I have that too!!! CAD!!! ​ Perhaps there is a support group for us. hahahahahahaha Roberta And yes, I agree with the posters above. The clay seems to be your common denominator!
  14. Tough question for me. Each part of the process brings me great creative joy, but I hate breaking from throwing/building to move to glazing. Once I am glazing, I don't want to stop that process. And for the last couple of years, I have become a sketcher. (not sketchy!) and I like that process as well and don't want to stop. Doesn't look like I answered the question and apparently my ADD is showing!!!!!!! Roberta
  15. Roberta12

    Pkqw: Week 13

    1. 4 2. 1 3. 4 4. 2
  16. Roberta12

    Spot On Bisque

    I had about 50 mugs in the kiln. Bisque load, speckled buff, Laguna, fired to 04. There were 3 mugs that had spots like this on them. It's almost pitted. It looks like iron or something. Any thoughts? Roberta
  17. Roberta12

    Spot On Bisque

    Now that I think about it, when I was using Laguna's Bmix, I would get a box or two that had fairly large rocks in it. Thanks all, r.
  18. Roberta12

    Spot On Bisque

    could be. It looks like iron to me.....this spot is the largest. This is the last of this particular batch. Let's hope the next 300 pounds is better.
  19. Nerd, I just have to ask....where can a person find the LOI information?? Roberta
  20. Roberta12

    Exactly What Is Going Wrong Here?

    Old Lady, I have a chart, which I ordered from mason stains....it tells what is in each stain. Apparently there is something with your base glaze that interacts differently with the green than with the others. Good advice from previous responders! Roberta
  21. Roberta12

    Pkqw: Week 11

    1. 4 2. 4 3. 2. 4. 2 Min, do you use about a pound of clay for your salt pig? I like that one and the spoon is a nice touch......
  22. Roberta12

    Dunting Question

    Simon, if you have a facebook account, there is a fb page devoted to mid range firing, specifically John Britt's book. It's called Exploring Mid Range glazes using John Britt's book. Lots of people have posted their Binger pictures on there. It's a closed group, but simply ask to be added. Perhaps someone can help you. Roberta

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