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    Pictures Of Your Studio

    Small bedroom in the basement where I throw and part of the shop for the kiln and glazing. These are pics of the shop.
  2. Roberta12

    My First Show!

    Rebekah, thanks so much for letting us all walk with you through this process. I have only been on the craft show path for about 3 years and I have to say I learn something each and every time. And you will too. I loved the mug "tree" in your first picture. You have some lovely work! You are definitely going to continue to find your market. I guess that is probably the most important thing I have learned....find the right venue. And bring the right things to that venue. I had a booth at a wine festival 2 weeks ago. I had no idea that people would be flocking in all day looking for wine cups. So naturally I didn't have any. However, I met some really nice people and one guy even went home and brought back a "wine cup" that he had purchased from a potter a couple of years ago. He explained why it was a great cup, the shape, size, color, etc. So, you always learn something. And seriously, what is with mugs??? people want a certain size, shape, color, handle.....Yeah, Mea is right....make the size mug you want to make and there you are! Great job, Girl! We are all proud of you! Roberta
  3. Roberta12

    Do You Mix Or Buy Ready Made? Poll

    Buy clay and mix glazes other than some underglazes and one color I haven't been able to quite replicate Roberta
  4. Roberta12

    Hvlp Sprayers Do You Use One?

    I have a Harbor (Harbour) Freight gun (spray) and really like it! I haven't had problems with the glaze settling at all. 40-50 psi and it is great. I just make sure to clean it between glazes (have a bucket of water handy for cleaning) And tear it apart afterward to clean everything out. And I sieve the glaze before I put it in the hopper. But I am only doing one glaze at a time. I like your idea of more than one gun (spray) at a time!! hmmm food for thought! Roberta
  5. Roberta12

    New Kiln Questions

    I love my L&L manual. Yes, I do. r
  6. Again, to echo many others here....I give a great deal of time/energy/clay/glaze to the Empty Bowl Fundraiser for a local community kitchen. And I am newer to the business world than some so it hasn't been until the last year that I have been approached for donations. I give to things that are near and dear to my heart. However, I wonder how to tactfully decline donating to ? Would "just say no" be appropriate with no reason given?? Or like Chris said, just donate money to favorite charities. I just spent the day putting handles on mugs. I just don't know if I would feel like giving away even one of those precious things! Roberta
  7. Roberta12

    Advice For A Home Studio

    Hi Luke! I started in my basement (still there!) with a wheel, a table, some buckets, a few bats and whatever tools I already had or could find in the shop or kitchen. I took my pots to a community studio to fire and glaze for about a year. I knew then I was ready for a full blown studio at my house. I have saved up for the big things (kiln) and bought other things a bit at a time (chemicals/glazes) I too, do the bucket process for water. I water my trees with it. It's worked out fine. I bought a Brent wheel 4 yrs ago and really like it (It had a 10 year warranty!)However I was at the community college on Monday and Tuesday throwing bowls for a fundraiser and we were using Shimpo VL Whispers. Holy Moly, those are quiet wheels! I also liked the free spinning wheelhead! Good Luck, Roberta
  8. Loved it Babs, thanks! A great look at cooperative work/growth/learning.. Roberta
  9. Thank you drmrytle! I appreciate your comments. No Georgies isn't closer. I don't know of anyone that sells Standard out here either.(Colorado) Seems to be Laguna and Aardvark. For a white, I am using Aardvark's BeeMix. It does seem to be more consistent than Laguna's bmix. I do have several bags of Nara 5 porcelain that I need to spend some time with. Could be that a good porcelain will be what I am looking for. Thanks. Roberta
  10. One of my clay guys is going to start getting shipments from Continental Clay. I was pretty excited since I am ALWAYS looking for a smooth, sturdy white stoneware, cone5/6. I checked out their website and I am looking at info on Superwhite and Midfire white. this is what it says about Superwhite "cone 5-9" And the Midfire white is "cone 4-7". I remembered this thread on the forum and reread it. I would think that the 4-7 range would be appropriate but take that with a grain of salt and simply do your testing and not be surprised if you are getting different results with your glazes, etc. Is this a fair assumption? Roberta
  11. Recently I was approached by a local business (fibermill) about putting my yarn bowls in their retail space. We worked out a consignment deal. Things have been going well. We are now in discussion about getting a stamp made with their logo that I will use on mugs/yarn bowls. I realized this morning (in the wee hours), that I will probably have to negotiate a different deal for anything I make with their logo on it. It would not be an item I could return to my inventory, since it has their brand. What has been your experience with that? What are some things I should know about making something specific for a company or business?? Thank you, Roberta
  12. Roberta12

    Poppies In London

    High Bridge, please report back!! Roberta
  13. I have the cutest wiener dog that lives at my house! I can get a picture of him and post!! But.....all the mugs have sold and I forgot to take pics before I took them to the mill. next time!
  14. Emily, this much I do know.....I get different results on different clays. I have a pallet of glazes that I use on the speckled buff clay. But not all glazes work that well on that clay. I have recently been working with a red clay (sb red) and same thing....I have a few glazes that are spectacular on that clay. But not all. If I really want nice bright colors I use a white clay body. Maybe that is the difference?? Roberta
  15. Roberta12

    Is Kiln Wash Necessary?

    I don't use kiln wash for the very reasons you talked about, Nicole. The community studio always had flaking, nasty kiln wash falling in everyone's work. So when I got my L&L kiln 3 years ago, I decided I would find another way. I use cookies. For everything. I have all sizes and I put kiln wash on the cookies. yes, I have had a couple of accidents but like Mea, I have a shelf that I use for anything that I have concerns about. However, I think if I had been properly trained in the use and care of kiln wash, I might have felt differently about it. All I had to go on was my experience. Roberta
  16. I had to update this thread. I was out of commission for a time due to shoulder surgery, but started working on mug designs and finally had a small batch to take to the mill. I drew up a simple agreement that we all signed with an end date. I think they might have been a bit surprised as to the cost I needed and what they would have to sell the mugs for, but after a week, they only have one mug left. So, apparently, I am going to be making mugs! Thank you for your help with this matter. Roberta
  17. Roberta12

    What Are You Working On?

    After seeing Pres's Beautiful wedding jars and Rebel Rockers amazing work, I am NOT going to post pics of the shot glasses I have been working on. Making, not emptying. But also I helped put together a Pop Up Art Gallery for our little burg and it was very successful and so much fun. Yep, should have been throwing pots, but this was just great art exposure for our community!
  18. About the only tweaking I have done is with colorants. But I also do change up firing schedules/cooling times/holds/ temps and that sort of thing. I would like to take a serious glaze workshop. Or a workshop to teach me how to use the software..... I recently have been using a different clay. SB red by Laguna. I really like it. But I noticed that some of my glazes had some small pinholes. I decided to try bisquing to a lower temp. That seemed to help. Now I am going to increase the hold on the glaze fire and see what happens. That is the sort of tweaking I do. Roberta
  19. I have a small stamp for small things.....I write big. But I use a stylus sort of tool for regular signing.
  20. Roberta12

    What Are You Working On?

    Glazing. Want to get the kiln loaded. Getting ready for a Pop Up Gallery July 31, Aug 1/2. So many pots, so little time!! Love your bowl btw synj00. Lovely!
  21. I woke up the other morning with a project in my head. I couldn't get it out. I could see how I was going to glaze it, what size it would be, how I would "package" it, everything! Then I spent two days wondering if I had seen this "project" somewhere else?? Was it an image I had seen, a plate I had used somewhere??? I finally had to go ahead and try to figure out how to make it. While I was working on a variety of mold/form possibilities, I realized that even if I had seen it somewhere else, by the time I was done, it wouldn't look like someone else's work. (Maybe this goes under the Image Envy thread)..... but while I was trying to get the form the way I "see" it in my head, I knew that every teacher, every potter friend that ever shared tips/skills/information was right there with me!! So, to alllll of them past and present, I say "Thanks for Sharing!" Roberta

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