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    Falls Creek Shino

    Deborah, have you had any problems with FCS shivering?? How much lithium carb does your recipe call for? Nice pieces, btw!! Roberta
  2. Marsha, perhaps this isn't what you meant, but I had the opportunity to visit Pompeii and the museum at Naples and I was completely gobstruck! At Pompeii it was the sheer volume of pots. I realized how important pottery was at that time in history. I can still see in my minds eye the row after row after row of pots that had been unearthed.....and they could have still been put into use! Tall elegant shapes, most without decoration, utilitarian, beautiful! Roberta
  3. Roberta12

    Let Me Show Off My Latest Raw Material

    Jed, this is sooo cool! I am traveling with buckets from now on! My Colorado roadside geology book says granite on the east side (which you figured out easily) and it mentions that there was a "dark gray Pierre shale, a soft fossil bearing rock.." I wonder what sort of glaze you could make with your rock? Might be really interesting!! Roberta
  4. Yes I do! But then I name most things. The kiln, the wheel, etc. I have one glaze combo I have named Sea and Sand. yep. r
  5. Thank you Bruce for posting this. Wonderful! Roberta
  6. I do appreciate what Tyler is saying. I started clay in a community studio. While I was given a good start there....questions were not encouraged and I found that misinformation was being thrown about. I began doing my own research and reading and exploration and realized that I loved clay/glaze more and more because there was so much to learn about it! But there seems to be a great deal of opinion not based in fact. I haven't noticed that on this forum, but amongst gatherings of potters. John Baymore, Pres, Neil, Marsha, Mea, Tyler, Big Lou, have been instrumental in strongly encouraging people who ask questions on this forum, to do more research. Spend time reading. Attend workshops. Know your stuff. That makes this forum stronger and makes us all better at our craft. But questions are very important. That is how we learn. Even when people have had different experiences with the same glaze/kiln/clay/etc. It is important that we share. Once again, Thank you to all who have weighed in!! I learn from you all! Roberta
  7. all of the above plus David Cusick.
  8. This has been an interesting conversation. I have had a business page on fb for almost a year. It has generated sales and interest. But I have a hard time keeping up with it. Very hard. I feel if I am on fb, that I am not doing something else in the studio. And if life gets incredibly busy (family, illness, whatever) then fb just sits there. I have been trying to find time to sit down and create a simple website if for no other reason than "online business card" but I agree with Mea and Mark...it is very difficult doing orders online you are right....many emails back and forth and pictures and shipping discussions and, and... this last holiday season was truly a learning experience for me! I am laid up with a shoulder repair right now, so one of the things I wanted to address while I can't be in the studio is the website issue. I thought about a webpage with no shopping cart. But that will lead to numerous emails and phone calls. I will think on these things. I have had time to post new things on my fb page and had really had a lot of interest. Two leads for displaying my work within a 90 mile trek. Not bad for where I Iive! As always, thanks for the food for thought! Roberta
  9. Roberta12

    Kaki Re-Oxidation Rumor Validation?

    let me get this straight....if I refire one of the numerous reds that I mixed up that were icky brown to 04 it will turn red????? Neil, I tried a slowed cooling cycle without good results, but I might need to adjust the rate of cooling,
  10. Roberta12

    An Apology

    This is a great forum. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is available here. And the depth of character that is evident!
  11. after seeing a picture on this forum of "tumble" stacking I have been less worried about really loading up a bisque load. I use b mix, porcelain, and a brown stoneware. I was always worried about warping or handles falling off mugs...so far that has not happened. maybe try stacking with a few pieces just to see how it goes?
  12. Roberta12

    Food Safe Cone 6 (5) Ox Glazes Please

    I haven't had one instance of shivering or crazing. Not one. I am not sure why, but I haven't. I have used these glazes a lot on knitting bowls. But, I have had the crystals growing in the glaze buckets.....I sieve them out. Should I not be doing this??
  13. Roberta12

    Food Safe Cone 6 (5) Ox Glazes Please

    I went back and reread a thread about lithium carb. It was from Nov 2012. I had asked about that bowl that the cranberries attacked. The same info from John came up then as now. I called the author of the article after that happened and she assured me it was something she had never seen. She urged me to try the glaze again and to run the cranberry test. Since that keeps coming up negative, I went my merry way and have been using that recipe since then. I will say that I mostly use it on the outside of things. But....after reading all of this, I will just use it on non functional pieces and find a new favorite glaze. Thanks so much to everyone on this forum for keeping me on the straight and narrow. Big Lou! Disregard what I said about FCS!!! Moral of the story....really dig into the chemistry of a glaze....even if it is published in a respected magazine!!
  14. I throw in the house, but I collect my throw water in a pail and it is used outside for other things. However, I glaze in the shop and just have a couple of 5 gal buckets with clean water and 3 or 4 gal jugs on the table for clean up, etc. I take big clean up projects into the house. I was surprised at how little water I use out there.
  15. Roberta12

    Food Safe Cone 6 (5) Ox Glazes Please

    It seems to be a no fuss, no muss, sort of glaze. That's all I have used with the fcs, is a standard firing schedule. I forgot to include just the base recipe in the pictures, but it's a nice brownish. It doesn't run or move, lighter application gives more of the brown tones in any of the colors. I had one weird thing happen when I first started using it. With the copper carb fcs. The outer layer sort of rubbed off when the customer put cranberries in it. After having run a lot of tests here at my home, I came to the conclusion it was a anomaly. I have not had a problem with it since. I have even layered up the colors. blue over green is nice. Roberta
  16. Roberta12

    Food Safe Cone 6 (5) Ox Glazes Please

    re: Fall Creek shino(ish) I have mixed up a number of batches of the FCSish with copper carb, cobalt carb, and mason stains. I use 2% on copper and cobalt and 5% on Mason Stains. I have even tried a 1% on the copper which was nice also. Just a little lighter green. I have used all of the versions of FCS ish on brown speckly clay and on bmix and porcelain. I like this glaze on all of the clays. However, I spray it and I like it best on white clay. The first pic is of two green shino-ish bowls The 2nd pic is the underside of a green shino-ish bowl. The 3rd one is with vivid blue Mason stain and the 4th one is FCS ish with yellow ochre. Hope all attaches.
  17. Roberta12

    Craft Foam

    Great idea Min, thanks for sharing!
  18. Roberta12

    Yearly Ash Burning

    JRG, can I stop by and visit the next time we drive to Vegas?? Roberta
  19. Roberta12

    Paint Brushes

    Oh my gosh! Would you all consider meeting in one place so I can have a hands on workshop for brushing/brushes/technique!?? I would love to see each and every one of you at work! Roberta
  20. Roberta12

    How Wet When Throwing?

    I have found as I have become more experienced at throwing, that I need less water. A few years ago, I watched a potter throw with slip. It really changed how I throw. But if you need more water now, that's ok. You will probably find that your style of throwing will change with time. And it's really ok to change how you do things. If it works for you, it is fine! Pres, so glad to read the playing in mud comment! Some days that is the best part!
  21. Yep, bentonite and Epsom salts....that's the ticket. Many recipes will have 2 or 3% bentonite already added in. But I have added it to glazes that really settle. I am pretty sure I added Epsom salts to my bucket o slip also. Roberta
  22. Roberta12

    Test Of Turquoise Matte Glaze

    Wow, Bob. Very nice!
  23. Roberta12

    Newbie Needs Technical Help To Save Glazed Bowls

    Great idea with the stencils! Love it! Bowls with cracks like that are usually in my cupboard until they go all the way.....
  24. Roberta12

    Test Of Turquoise Matte Glaze

    Nice glaze, Bob. And very nice tree pot! How did you do the tree design? Apply it after the pot was thrown or carve it out on the pot?? Roberta

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