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    Can I save this mug?

    what they said. You will make many more pots. As Joseph suggested save it for a pencil holder or vase. Best piece of advice I ever got was "there are no precious pots" You will learn from every single problem that you have in pottery. And Min's suggestion was also spot on for future work! Roberta
  2. I did use plaster of paris (from the hardware store) for my damp boxes. I haven't had problems yet. If I do molds or bats, I will get potters plaster for certain!! Roberta
  3. Roberta12

    Making sugar savers question

    That's what I did. They work great. a red/brown cone 6 clay that I fired to 04. I use them all the time. Roberta
  4. Roberta12

    How do we call it in English?

    Judith, I watched the video and it was painting on pots. Either UG or cobalt ox. I don't know if it has another name. I did like the potters gestures with his brush. Roberta
  5. Roberta12

    ######## Tumbler

    the feet on your mugs are great!!!
  6. Roberta12

    Another clear glaze question

    I think I should have made the photo smaller. Sorry
  7. Roberta12

    Dipping Bisque into Clear Glaze

    I use a clear that I have mixed. I have never achieved the desired result with brushing or dipping. I spray. That gives me a nice even, consistent application. But my clear has to be thin. To Spray, to brush, to dip. I really think your clear must have been too thick. I was taught to hold a bisque piece under a running faucet and scrub it before glazing. I did not like the results. I switched to a damp sponge wiping down the piece. Then I put the underglaze on. That works better for me. Roberta
  8. Roberta12


    From the album: Roberta's Gallery

    I was trying to post a photo of the blue glaze.....it is on the two small bowls in the corner of the photo. I thought I had it cropped. Apparently not! Anyway, the glaze is out of MC6 and it is light stormy blue. It breaks olive green on the edges and is really sparkly in the sunshine. My new fav! r.
  9. Roberta12

    Roberta's Gallery

  10. Roberta12

    End Rolls

    I bought a roll last year from Nashville Wraps. A group of us went in on an order and I got free shipping, but I have to say that paper is impossible to tear!! Seems to have a coating of some sort on it. In order to use it I have resorted to pre cutting it. It's a pain but at least I can use it. No local printing here in my burg but I will be on the lookout on my travels and see if I can find a printer! r.
  11. Roberta12


    From the album: Roberta's Gallery

    Summer flowers.
  12. Roberta12


    Thank you Joseph and Old Lady! Kind words from both of you! Yes, I do a lot of underglaze work. I also have a new to me glaze that I mixed up. I will try to get it posted as well. r
  13. Roberta12

    New Forum

    I have to say I really like the gallery! And I was EASILY able to put a photo in there!!! I have always had a few steps before. Roberta
  14. I wrap the rim of the pot in plastic and leave the bottom exposed. Just think a long plastic rolled up snake, that winds around the bowls. Roberta
  15. Old previously stained, comfy clothes. Stained shoes, comfy ones, and apron which is used much like a handtowel! I cannot stand to have my hair in my face, so bandana or buff pulls it back. It does sound like we are a fashion conscious bunch! Roberta
  16. Living in a small town, many many people get asked for donations for cheerleaders/football/basketball/golf/wrestling/soccer/rodeo/baseball/softball/drill teams, and on and on. Not just artists. Lately I do feel that the local artists are being asked more and more. I agree with everything said above, you will have groups you want to support and gladly do so, but I like the process different people have of setting limits. I have numerous thank you notes for my donations. And those tend to be the groups I will "give" to again. I also dislike the "marketing" ploy. It's not about marketing, it is simply about raising $$ for a cause. This week I donated a few pieces for a silent auction for a family facing a tragedy involving escalating medical costs. I wrote out a list with the price of each piece and explained that the bidding should BEGIN at that price. It is a fundraiser after all. I help organize the empty bowl fundraiser each year for the Community Kitchen. I am passionate about what they do, however.....I do know the bowl some people buy will be the only handmade pot in their cupboard. (ie, they do not usually buy pottery) I can either look at that as a way to bring handmade into more peoples lives, or to give someone a bargain while making money for a hardworking benevolence. So to address your question Jed, there will be many people who know someone with autism and will want to donate. Your camp will bring needed experiences to many! Good luck and give that fundraising a try! Roberta
  17. Roberta12


    Chilly, this is lovely! Is it a tenmoku glaze? All of the test tiles are great!! Which is your favorite. Your Potter's camp looks delightful!
  18. Roberta12

    L&l Vs Skutt

    I started out using a skutt (community studio) but purchased an L&L. The element holders make it a bit easier to change elements ,imho, but I have to say that the biggest selling point for me is the incredible service. I live in a remote area so I have to do all of my own maintenance and diagnostic if there is a problem. I have had the president of the company return my email at 10:00 at night (midnight his time) and answer newbie questions, I was put in touch with my very own kiln person, who 5 years later still will answer my questions via phone or email. The manual is thorough, and the website has a great deal of information plus videos. I know that Skutt has been around for a very long time and probably has many of the same service plans, but L&L has my vote. 667 firings later, I still love my L&L. Roberta
  19. Roberta12

    Clear Glaze Crazing

    Thank you Ron and Min. r
  20. Roberta12

    Clear Glaze Crazing

    I just found information on my question in the book MC6 on page 99. I have found that some things simply do not make sense to me until I am either ready to use it or have enough prior knowledge to utilize new info. I really do need a good glaze class and tutoring in Insight (or something) yep. r.
  21. Roberta12

    Clear Glaze Crazing

    I use a lot of clear and have been on the hunt for clay/clear glaze fit for some time. I started out using the clear from MC6, but found that on some white clays both porcelain and stoneware, I would get crazing. I thought I had a good fit with Nara 5 porcelain and that clear recipe but discovered that crazing would appear later, not immediately. I have switched to Laguna's #16 porcelain, and at this point, I am not getting crazing, but......I am going to do that boiling/freezing test to see what happens. Laguna doesn't seem to list the COE. In my quest for a better clear, I discovered that MC6 had another recipe using G200HP (which is what I have) so I mixed that and noticed no difference whatsoever. After all that, here is my question, I met a potter in Denver who works exclusively with Laguna #16 and uses one of the Low Expansion clears in John Britt's book on page 77. She said it was so she would NOT have crazing. If the clear has a low COE 5.54 or 5.71 doesn't that mean it would not expand as much and be prone to crazing?? Just sign me, Seriously Confused aka Roberta Clear Recipe from MC6 G200 feldspar 20 FF 3134 20 Wollastonite 15 EPK 20 talc 6 Silica 19
  22. I was about 3 years into pottery and had a great idea for some wall pieces. Very simple, but colorful, something that could hang on a patio. I drew them out, colored, sketched, made patterns, and began making my idea! I was so excited!!! But every time I fired one of the pieces, it would break, crack, I could not get any success whatsoever. I remember sitting outside the community studio, very discouraged. My friend/teacher at the time, came along and explained it was the design of the piece. Too flat, too large. Once I pulled myself together, I began reading about firing large, flat pieces and what considerations a person should keep in mind. It was a turning point for me. 1. I then realized how much information is out there about ceramics and that a person could completely immerse themself in study for the rest of their life and 2. I could solve this problem, and I did with simply design changes. I do feel that to spend time in pottery (either hobby or professional) you have to be not only resilient but a creative problem solver. They go hand in hand. Marcia and Giselle both brought up a good point about illness, tragedy, and the flat parts of life..... at times you need to do like Giselle said and put it in the crock pot (love that! because that is what I do also) or go at it from a different direction......Good points, both of you! Roberta
  23. Roberta12

    Introduction And Garage Studio

    Welcome KJ. And yes, I have outgrown the 1/3 of the shop that I have for the kiln and glazing, the bedroom downstairs which is my studio, I have spread into the spare room for drying pots, and am now in the process of cleaning out and reorganizing in order to not let my clay issue take over the entire house!!! Best wishes to you. Roberta
  24. Roberta12

    Bowl,plate & mug

    Lovely pieces!! I really like the shapes. These would look lovely on a table!

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