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  1. I am also making a small amount of slip right now for newsprint transfer. My sodium silicate is hardened. But I put a couple of chunks in the slip and it seemed to thicken a bit. Like Jeff, I was hoping for a thicker substance, so I will add more clay. Roberta
  2. When my sister moved she gave me all her foam sleeves for packing dishes. I am a fan. She got them from Amazon, I believe. Lots of sizes. I agree with everyone else as far as packing tight and in stackable tubs. Just make certain you can heft them yourself. So the size of the tub is important.
  3. Just curious, but what clay are you using?
  4. Yes, Colorado requires that out of state businesses pay one of Colorado's numerous sales taxes. But if I ship out of state, I do not have to pay that states sales tax, unless they require it. It's all quite layered. Takes a lot of research to make certain you are compliant. That is one reason that shows are a bit easier. All you have to do is learn that locale's rules and regs and you are ok.
  5. what are the regulations if someone buys from your website or if you ship to another province? Or Colorado
  6. When I first started doing shows, I stuck with round numbers. It was easier for me. So you can mark up your items appropriately to take into account the sales tax. But If you are using an app for Credit cards, it is super easy to put in the sales tax under your settings and have that figure at your fingertips (literally!) And change that tax rate depending on where you are selling. I run all my sales through Square, cash and credit. It is a great "cash register" and that way you have all your numbers at your fingertips. If someone purchases something and wants you to ship, you can make sure that shipping is on your list of non tax items. Same thing with gift cards. As you said, you don't want to pay that 10% out of your pocket. I always tell people as I am checking out their purchases, that the "sales tax on this purchase will be..." People seem to understand that is part of doing business. Roberta
  7. I bought a used RK2 a few years ago. $150. We put some work into it. New plug, cleaned it up. Works great, just a bit noisy. It's a good spare. Roberta
  8. Would the fact that there is a wide firing range with that clay have something to do with the glaze not fitting at the temp you are firing?? Just wondering. Roberta
  9. One thought I had was Mother of Pearl luster. Not crystal but a sheen. I think most of the commercial glazes have a line of crystal or crystalline glazes? Roberta
  10. Beautiful form, just lovely!
  11. Marcia, Up in Smoke, Callie Beller, are all going to be at NCECA. And Me! Who else is going?? Roberta
  12. Well, that's lovely! Nice job on getting the photo posted! Roberta
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