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  1. Beautiful form, just lovely!
  2. Marcia, Up in Smoke, Callie Beller, are all going to be at NCECA. And Me! Who else is going?? Roberta
  3. Well, that's lovely! Nice job on getting the photo posted! Roberta
  4. I think because I am not too far into this clay journey, I do have new forms at least once a year. Usually it's something I am trying to conquer, and once I do, like Mark, I take some time and fine tune it. Mostly my new forms are a result of "what would it look like if I....."
  5. hindsight is great, I do rather wish I had gone with the e28t but I have the e23t. One of the biggest positives for me, in a remote rural area, over 200 miles from ANY kiln service whatsoever, is L&L's service. I had questions from the onset and they assigned me a service rep and Rob has been my phone call/text/email support person for 7 years. I am able to diagnose most of what happens (like the Err1 code I got on Wednesday, it was a relay) but it is wonderful to have someone to contact simply to say, "hey, start with the paper test and go from there!" Perhaps Skutt and Paragon and other companies have the same arrangement, but since I have to do all of my own maintenance and repair, Customer service is without price! Roberta
  6. I don't dry my plates or platters upside down. Nor do I dry that slowly. Either with porcelain or stoneware. If I think the plates might hump up in the middle I put a bag o rice on them and loosely cover them with plastic. They dry as long as it takes me to fill the kiln. I wonder if the upside down drying might have something to do with your cracking?
  7. My husband and I were probably at the Greeley stampede that year. We lived in Johnstown and I worked in Loveland, he worked in Ft. Collins. I lost a couple of co workers in the Big Thompson flood. rh
  8. I have been using a version of this (it's called Soft Dove Gray) or Alabama Rain. Cone 6, on porcelain and dark stoneware. I like it. And yes, it has 10.0 rutile. Should I be aware of problems?
  9. I took a 3 day workshop with Bill Van Gilder 2 years ago. He really is a very good teacher, excellent at explaining step by step, and loves what he does!
  10. That is lovely. Sort of looks like a celadon. r.
  11. Has there been another firing in this kiln since "the incident"? The only other thing I can think of besides what @liambesaw and @hitchmss suggested , would there have been something on your apron or shirt or coveralls that fell into the kiln?? (you just have to know many of my comments come from experiences!) Roberta
  12. I just googled it and all kinds of things popped up. Try that! They have nice color combos and interesting shapes. It seems to be a factory setting, but they even have some things on Amazon. Roberta
  13. When I make buttons or ornaments out of porcelain, I sandwich them between the sheetrock wareboards. They do not have much weight, so I can stack 4 or 5 boards (9x9) in a stack, but once the work is mostly dry, I take some of the weight off because the bottom of the stack will break with the weight. Yesterday I took an afternoon class where we were carving tiles. The instructor used fabric, instead of paper between the clay and the wareboard. She said when she is making tiles, she rolls out clay thicker, rather than thinner to prevent cracking and warping. I do not bother with paper on smaller things because they dry very quickly, but on larger slabs I do use paper. (old telephone book pages) I really wonder if your problem is because of very thin, large pieces of porcelain. Would you be able to roll out thicker slabs for your purpose? Roberta
  14. It's pretty rare for me to find anything in Laguna clay, which is what I use mostly. However, I had 200 pounds of Aardvark clay, Bmix, that had fairly large rock chunks in every single bag. Called my supplier, and he said it was not his problem. And the occasional chunk of metal. I had more debris in Aardvark over all. Roberta
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