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  1. saggarflowbluandpeachcopy.jpg

    I am in love.
  2. Unusual Questions

    Newbie, I agree with all here. If you want to be part of the process without taking classes, find a Paint your own Pottery studio. It would not be porcelain, but you would be able to find white bodied pieces. It would not be high or mid fire, but you can find many lovely colors in the low fire glazes. However, with that being said, from the questions you were asking, I think you might enjoy (become addicted) to clay like the rest of us here!! So a 6 week intro to pottery class might be a consideration! Good luck. Roberta
  3. Copied Images

    Three years ago David Taylor of David Taylor Quilts presented an afternoon workshop on asking or paying for permission to use someone's photo for your work. He also discussed the taking of photos of certain things then selling those photos (photographers) such as photos of objects that have someone's name on them or certain business signs or hot air balloons with advertising on them (list goes on and on) His advice was if in doubt, ask. In his case, he uses photos as the basis of his quilts. He always contacts the photographer and asks to buy it or to give a percentage of the sale of the quilt to the photographer. Many times they simply give permission to use the photo, but he stressed the importance of always being above board and making contact. Many of the younger photographers in the group were surprised by that. I feel that our constantly changing visual world with a camera (phone) in everyone's hand has opened doors none of us expected. I too, have had people ask permission to take photos of my work. I will remember to ask if they are a potter!! Roberta
  4. Copied Images

    But don't you think that is an integrity issue?? Or am I just being an ol' fuddy duddy?
  5. Copied Images

    I am rather surprised by this whole thread, although I should not be. It seems to be a matter of course to find an easy way to look good or make a buck. I have worked a number of jobs in my adult and pre adult life, but I really don't think any of them were as complicated and layered as being a potter and marketing and selling work. Rather than promote the artists at the sale, the organizer seemed to be looking for a way to get customers in the door. So that either speaks to the poor quality of the vendors or the ignorance of the organizer. Ignorance of quality and appropriate marketing and/or ignorance of the craft that person was supposedly marketing. Min, I am glad you at least got your photo removed and hopefully that person learned something, something about marketing and promotion. Like Callie pointed out, if I were a vendor at the sale, I would be MAD to think that the organizer didn't use photos of actual participants. It speaks to a low quality event. Roberta
  6. florida leaf pots, bowls 024.JPG

    I just love that look! Beautiful arrangement of flowers. r.
  7. Choosing a name

    Terri, I think they look very contemporary. That could be a word for your description?? Roberta
  8. Graphite drawing on clay

    Yes, I have found pencil/graphite burns out in all situations. I use it to sketch on pots before using more permanent methods. I too, use underglaze pencils if I want the pencil effect on bisque. I spray with clear and fire. Roberta
  9. I am going to try that next time I am using decals!! How fun! r.
  10. Choosing Glazes

    Great thread! I can identify with so many voices here. I started mixing my glazes almost 6 years ago, with little understanding of the chemistry, simply following a recipe. Further into the journey I started investigating the relationship between clay, glaze, firing....then found and continue to work on finding my "voice" and have enjoyed that! Like Curt pointed out, then your market (fanbase) starts expecting a certain aesthetic from you. I had an order for a bowl that a customer had purchased 3 years ago. I still use those glazes, but I did let her know that the outcome might not exactly match the previous bowl. And it didn't. Close, yes, but not a match. And yes, I am an experimenter. Whether it is with surface decoration or glaze or form or whatever. Sometimes I just have to get it out of my system before I can move on!! So I guess my process is to look for colors that I visualize on my pots, mix up a BUNCH of test batches and choose one that suits. Then work on seeing if it will "fit" different clay bodies and how does it layer. (last year the hunt was on for just the right blue) (This year might be a transparent olive green) I can also identify with Joseph's comment about making and selling more pots and using fewer glazes. I am there as well. I did that last year and it made my glazing process more streamlined. Such a timely thread. I came in the house for a bite of lunch, and yes, I am mixing glazes, and making decisions about what to do with NUMEROUS test batches o glaze that are in NUMEROUS containers and taking up space!!!! Roberta
  11. reclaiming glaze

    I have a homemade spray booth. I put newspaper on the sides, a filter on the opening in front of the fan, and spray away. The excess glaze on the newspaper will dry out and turn into globs, fall off the paper and become powder and flakes in the bottom of the booth. Since I use a lot of clear glaze do you all think it would be ok to take the uncontaminated (as in just the clear) glaze globs and powder and put them back into the bucket of wet glaze?? I have been saving covered pails of it.... And yes, I use a respirator!!! Roberta
  12. This is just a thought Lee, but I wonder if you should call your catchall's ring dishes. Or something specific. Then in the description, you could use the word catchall or give examples of uses for that pot?? It's hard to know what will grab a customer's attention. Roberta
  13. cone 6 potterysuccess2.jpg

    And a great pot it is!!
  14. Kim K Red flower prints 007

    Alice, this is lovely!! I like Trumpet vines also!! Did you take the photo and trace the image first?? And are you using newsprint to put the underglaze on?

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