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  1. Selling anything on Etsy?

    We just opened our Etsy site. We have had a few friends "successfully" sell on the site and are hoping to make some sales... I would be happy with even 2 or 3 sales a month.
  2. Making Urns

    Hello, I am wondering what thoughts people have on making urns. Specifically urns that incorporate the cremated bodies ash directly into the urn and glaze. I understand that this is about discussing business, and not for doing business, and I am not trying to sell anyone here an urn, and I hope no one here needs one right now, but I am wondering if it is permissible for people to review our website ( www.mieksclayworks.com ) and let me know if we are on the right track.
  3. Human Ash Glaze Cone 6

    My wife makes Urns using human ash. She uses a stoneware recipe but its a casting recipe. I am pretty sure that she modified it from an Australian recipe she found online that uses eckalite. As for making the glaze, human ashes are mostly bone ash. I hope its not against the rules but I see other people posting websites. Ours is http://www.mieksclayworks.com/ if you want to see some of what can be made.