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  1. Bisque Firing For Air Drying Clay

    Hi you can do one firing but if you are new I would suggest you bisque fire your bone dryed clay to 04 then glaze and re-fire to the recomend cone of your glaze.
  2. Kiln Temperature Limit

    your probally using too small of a gas tank the 5gal for grills tend to freeze up from the fast release of fuel a 10 gallon will work but to check. see if this is the problem when you reach the tempature where it stops increasing look at your little tank and feel it or better yet run water over it with a garden hose and see if you system starts to increase again. Kenn
  3. Rocking Bats On The Wheel

    Hi, i put a circle of the perferated rubber draqwer liner it works great. Also put cly in the holes after bat is put on
  4. Firing Thick Pieces

    Hi Tammi also set your piece on 1/2 or 1 inch shelf posts so the air can move under it in the kiln thru the whole firing . Good Luck Kenn