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  1. I fire with Propane in a medium size downdraft. My kiln is a 36cuft downdraft with 4 75,000 BTU venture burners. I use two 250gallon tanks in tandem to fire and I have never had a problem. Rather than measure everything I talked to my propane provider and the dual 250's were best because of local regulations about tanks over 250. As it turns out I get about 5 firings before the tanks are at 30% when I call to get them refilled. I found out the hard way that if I try and fire with less than 30% the vaporization cooling is too intense and freezes too quickly. Prior to this I had a small 8.5cuft Torchbearer type kiln with 4 venture burners. I used two 100lb tanks in tandem. (I do not remember the gallons, but they were the tall skinny tanks). The consumption of propane was fine with those however I would always freeze the tanks up on the last firing, I think it was the 4th. Which I got into trouble a few times having to pour water over the tanks to warm them up. I hated firing that kiln and so glad it is gone.
  2. I have had the same discussion with my clay club up here is Washington. We concluded that the question is about how porous your work is when it is completed. If fully vitrified and non-porous (so some extent all ceramic is porous) the better it will survive freezing temps. It all has to do with the moisture that is trapped in the ceramic. When ice is formed in these areas it will crack the ceramic. Not sure testing in a freezer would work, because it needs all the environment variables present in something outdoors.
  3. Brian Reed

    Removing Unwanted Wax Resist

    I can usualy get the wax off by scraping with the edge of a metal rib, you know the one that come in every beginner kit. Make sure you scrape deep enough to get all the wax which will mean you are digging some of teh clay body away as well. I have never burnt it off, but I am sure that is a good route as well, just costs for time and $$.
  4. Brian Reed

    Signature Stamps

    What about potters from generations past that have not signed their pots in any way. I understand Warren McKenzie does not sign his pots. Does this make it any less desirable? I am not sure. I choose to stamp my work, with a stamp I made myself. It fits well within my aesthetic and it has never been a question. When I am gone, or even while I am still here, I am not sure it matters that people know who made my pot. They like it or not, they choose to use it or display it, or even toss it out....
  5. Brian Reed

    Stamping Pottery

    I make my stamps out of porcelain that I carve myself and bisque fire. Works well.
  6. Brian Reed

    Old City White Come 10 Glaze Recipe

    I would start with a standard Leach 4321 glaze. 4000 - Feldspar ( I use Custer) 3000 - Silica 2000- Calcium Carbonate 1000- EPK For my white I use 5% Zircopax and 2% Bentonite.
  7. I have some dug dark brown clay that is locally dug, I have done some tests, but ultimately decided to made slip from it and I use it straight out of the ground. I make a thin slurry and run it through an 80 mesh sieve and there you go. A wonderful slip iron rich and very local. I do nothing, but add water.
  8. Brian Reed

    Community Challenge Idea

    I am in.
  9. I have been searching all over for a source for the large flip top bottles. Unfortunately I have found 4, but the cheapest that I have found is about $10 per lid. The absolution cheapest price was $9.23, but they have a S&H charge of $5! If anyone finds a source for the large swig top lids in Ceramic let me know.
  10. I have an old Shimpo RK2 in my studio as well. Because it has the hand lever I put it up on a crate so that people could use it to throw standing. Some students prefer that. I have thrown on it, however I rarely use it. The motor is pretty quiet, and I replaced the friction rubber ring so it runs very well.
  11. I have been working on some testing on the Tenmoku Leaf bowl like the one pictured. I have tried several ways to accomplish this and the best tests came out when I placed a green leave into a freshly dipped and still wet bowl. I would glaze the stoneware bowl with my tenmoku and immediately place a green leaf in the still wet glaze. I tried other ways like brushing the leaf in on top of dried glaze and even dipping the leaf in the glaze. There were other ways I tried it also. The best way was the way I described with pushing the green leaf into wet glaze. However I biggest problem is the leaf I have been using. Does anyone know the preferred leaf for this? I assume a broad thick leaf, but wondered if anyone here knows which is best? This being a Japanese or Korean technique I assume John may know.
  12. Brian Reed

    Walker Pugmill

    My recipe is easy for cone 10 clay. 1 6 gal bucket of slop 1/2 bag of Lincoln Fire 60 3-4 large scoops of Lane 70 mesh sand 1 large scoop 35 mesh Grog Then sometimes I add some granulated Magnatite when I want that spotted stoneware look. Yields about $150lbs of clay in the walker. then I let it "sour" for at least a week and hand wedge.
  13. Brian Reed

    Flower Pot Suggestions

    I throw my flower pots with the saucer attached to the bottom. I just throw a trough at the bottom that would hold the water draining through a hole that I poke out the side of the flower pot, which drains into the trough. Proven design that many people make, and it works good. No sizing, no trimming, and no attaching of a saucer.
  14. Brian Reed

    An Introduction To New Member

    Welcome Andreza, and Brian. Brian, my name is Brian also and I live in Everett as well. PM me and perhaps I can plug you into the local pottery scene. I have a open studio night each Tuesday.
  15. Brian Reed

    Walker Pug Mill

    Yes the one in Portland looks be in amazing shape, better than mine for sure.
  16. Brian Reed

    Walker Pug Mill

    The one I bought for $300 was from an ad from a guy in Tacoma who was asking $1000. After many email he agreed to the price of $300. He even delivered it for $50. The blades are stainless and perfect and the case is rust free and the unit is complete with the cover and the built in tamper. I have run about 1000lbs of clay through it since I have had it. The only three things that are not perfect. The piano hinge for the top is broken, which does not affect operation since I just lift it off and place it back in the original open position. The second is the spider bushing on the drive line has a couple of bulging area so will need to be replaced at some point however still is working fine now. The last thing is the only real problem and that is the on/off switch. It has a built in circuit breaker and that is starting to go bad. It takes a couple of on/off flicks until it "catches" and stays on. I am sure I can replace the bushing and the switch easily, but have not gotten around to it. The hinge will just be the way it is, I have no desire to repair that.
  17. Brian Reed

    Walker Pug Mill

    I paid $300 for mine just a few months ago. It works well ad runs well with no issues.
  18. Brian Reed

    Question About Walker Mixer/pugger

    Can you tell me where you ordered the now spider bushing? My is getting ready to pop in one place.
  19. Brian Reed

    Question About Walker Mixer/pugger

    I have one, and used it just yesterday. Pres is right, that the reverse toggle is in the box with the key. I suppose if people wanted to remove the key they would remove the reverse as well. The key is really sticky, but a simple internal toggle, not sure why someone would remove it. You have to run it reverse or mixing mode, so I would suggest rewiring that back in.
  20. Brian Reed

    Tenmoku Leaf Bowl Question

    I can try the white glaze, but that seems odd to me, but I will test anything. I did not share that I am getting OK results with the Maple leave, but it does not leave a large enough impression. I leaves about a quarter size impression and wanted to know if a different leaf would make a bigger impression. the size of the leave does not matter as I covered one bowl with so many leaves they were doubled up and hanging over the sides and still in the end it was a few quarter sized impressions like the one above just smaller.
  21. Ok I know there was a bunch of discussion on this, I do not have the CM article. However there was a recent You Tube Video put up from AMOCA of a Master doing this eye of the clay technique. I suspect you have already seen this, but just in case. http://youtu.be/dDreqXD4Mol One of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. Watch with a tissue in your hand.
  22. Brian Reed

    Craft Shows... Tips For Success

    I just started tracking each show I attend with what I have sold. last year I did not keep an inventory and did not really track what sold, it was always what I could remember. For the most part my recollection was close enough, but now I have it all on paper. Square has helped me do this by using their cash register function where I add each price for each items, and punch it like they do at a restaurant. Now I know what I sold each day in great detail and I have a report that I can pull up for next year.

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