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  1. All of the above. Dust dust dust. Need to be more proactive than reactive.
  2. Mark McCombs

    Glazing Textured Pottery

    I think the pot may look just fine unglazed. Great texture there. What colour is the clay body when fired to maturity?
  3. Mark McCombs

    Electric Kiln Temp Regulation

    How much cooler is the bottom of the kiln? 1/2 cone? Full cone? More? Double check to make sure your lower elements are in good repair and firing like they should. Good luck.
  4. Mark McCombs

    Made In China: Takeshi Yasuda

    Wow. What a wonderful video! Thank you so much for sharing with us here. It was well worth the time. There are so many positives to take from it but first, I am going to make a slip gun.
  5. Mark McCombs

    How Do You "open Up"

    Bracing with my right hand, I use my middle finger on my left hand to open up to maybe 1 Kg. After that I'll use both my fore and middle finger. Fore, middle and ring finger for 3 - 4 Kg. I have never thought about using my thumbs. I have seen people do it. Should give it a try.
  6. This series of videos shows features Isaac Button in England and the incredible amount of clay he threw, Part one
  7. Again, thanks for sharing, John. Is this ware you are showing us "once" fired, or is there a biscuit fire as well?
  8. Mark McCombs

    spencer clay

    I found this while searching about... "Deb Barrett asked about the clay I used for the demonstrations in the book. It comes from Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA. Here's the description: CL043 SMY - MID-RANGE STONEWARE CONE 4-6: Yellow iron gives this general purpose clay body a ...golden appearance when wet. It fires a warm light brown in oxidation and dark brown in reduction. Fine textured with 70 mesh sand. Cone 4-6. Wet Color golden, Oxidation Color light brown, Reduction Color dark brown, Texture medium smooth, Shrinkage 13.0%, Absorption 0.5%."
  9. Mark McCombs

    how to measure glaze consistency

    I use a DuPont M50 cup. Image You can get them at a paint or hardware store.
  10. Mark McCombs

    Euclid Kiln R200

    Hi. :-) Try giving them a call/email and see if you can get an instruction manual from them. Euclid Contact Page Good luck!
  11. When I cleared out the space for my small studio, I found a 2' x 2' mirror. I set it on a couple buckets in front of the wheel and propped it up against the wall. Works great. I pretty sure I got the idea to do that from one of Simon's videos.
  12. Mark McCombs

    Wiring off

    I will usually have the wheel head rotate once or twice as I use the wire.
  13. Mark McCombs

    Snohomish, WA - Meet Simon Leach May 7th

    Had a great time at the workshop, Brian. Thanks for producing and directing the event. Looking forward to the next one.
  14. Mark McCombs

    Snohomish, WA - Meet Simon Leach May 7th

    Thanks for the update, Brian. I am going to arrive up there in the late afternoon on that day and could swing by the pottery for the lecture.
  15. Mark McCombs

    It Worked!

    Wow. :-) That's very nice. Congrats!!
  16. Wonderful videos. Thanks for sharing the links. I am curious as to what was the white, fibrous additive that was used at the end of the second (2/3) video. Looks like it was used as a finishing coat on the tandoor.
  17. I make sure I come back for the last hour of the firing on my automatic electric. My next controller will have the Internet hook up so I can watch the firing progress on line.
  18. Mark McCombs

    Bone Head Mistakes

    In 1978 or 79, against the advice of my high school pottery teacher, I tried to throw a full bag of clay. I struggled mightily trying to centre the clay using mostly lateral pressure. The bat came off the pins and 25 pounds of fast spinning clay went crashing to the floor taking out the splash tray on the way. I was in trouble. I think she made me finish my coil and pinch pot projects (which I neglected to do for most of the year) before allowing me to return to the wheel.
  19. Mark McCombs

    Any helpful drying hints?

    Turning my pots upside down, I let them dry uncovered during the day and then cover them each night. This will extend the drying time several days in my case.
  20. Mark McCombs

    Sodium Silicate For Majic Water?

    What is the purpose of the Acetic acid? Is it to solubilize Sodium and Calcium on the clay-body surface or slip to help the pieces stick together?
  21. Georgies in Portland Oregon has what they call Terrazzo. Give them call.
  22. Mark McCombs

    Help firing Skutt 1018

    Hi Marge, I would bisque to cone 04 at a medium rate. I only use the ramp/hold feature when the ware is somewhat think or I suspect it might not be bone dry. With the ramp hold, I can add a segment for candling to make sure the ware is dry before continuing with the firing. Use a medium fire rate for the glaze (^6) fire too. I also use ramp/hold for controlled cooling on glaze fires. Contact Skutt and they can send you a spreadsheet showing the segments for all the cone to use with the ramp/feature.
  23. Mark McCombs

    Throwing in gloves

    Interesting. I'll have to give it a try. I have those gloves for handling bisque-ware. I never thought to use them while throwing.
  24. Mark McCombs

    Underfire Condition

    I now have both new and slightly used cones in the kiln. Thank you, Arnold.
  25. I need to re-fire a ^6 ox load and get to the proper temp. Programming error on my part. Do I use the same cones that have seen the same heat work as the ware, or do I use a new set of cones? Thanks.

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