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  1. long story short. I have made arrangements to fire my cone 10 platters at another studio, using their glazes and kiln firing at cone 10. thank you for all the responses, if i am going to sell my work i want it to be the best for my customer. that is to fire cone 10 at cone 10.
  2. kmcquhae

    Pottery Display Rack

    Thank you Mark, your shelving plan gives me great ideas for a stable table top display of my pottery. I was using boards, new unused paint tins to place the boards on, i have been racking my brain, trying to think of a way to make shelving for on top of a 3 X 6 table. I have to make the most with this small space, height and stability is the issue.
  3. thank you Mark for the quick response. Functional work with the intent to sell. I have two options for glazing cone 10, one is in the area, but his kiln will not be fixed until the new year the other is in Whistler, that will be a very expensive firing, hotel, food and firing.
  4. i did spray glaze one of the pieces, it turned out beautiful cone 6. If it is not vitrified, does this mean it will break down in time with washing and usage?
  5. The only way to vitrify a cone 10 body is fire to cone 10-cone 6 is cone 6 as far as the slip it may work just fine with another bisque or may peel off only testing will tell. You may not have to bisque it again just glaze over in a raw state. You are in an experimental stage with this anyway-why are you putting cone 6 slip on to begin with? To cover a stoneware body with say white slip or some other reason? How about finding a cone 10 firing place? Just an idea. Mark I have my own cone 6 glazes that i am really happy with. To use someone else's glazes and firing, is really scary. I don't want to ruin my work. If i glaze/fire at cone 6, how will this effect my work?
  6. I attended a hand building & extruding course a MISSA this summer. My problem is the clay recommended for this course was cone 10 Bmix, i fire at cone 6, all the items i produced have been bisqued and waiting to be glazed. Is it too late to apply cone 6 slip to my cone 10 bisqued platters and refire in another bisquing. If i can do this, will my platters then be vitrified?
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  8. kmcquhae


    decorative piece, weathered bronze & satin matte white
  9. kmcquhae

    pottery by kelly

    functional thrown pottery, every so often when the mood sets in to throw a altered pot, cup, or go for the artistic fun piece.

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