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  1. Hi Neil, good to see you again (my new kiln is the one you had previously advised me on checking properly when I was buying it about 3 months ago!). I am kinda using the firing cone temps that the community studio I use; they bisque at 04 and glaze at 5; I did notice that highwater clay rates helios for 7-11...I don't know if the studio just uses a simple range firing schedule since they fire over 6 different clay bodies all at the same time. I have experienced deformed bowls and cracked rims (I handbuild only). I noticed that with 1/4 inch + slabs, the pieces have turned out much nicer and much more reliable.., however the cracks still appear ever so often. When you say "glaze fit", do you mean matching glaze cone to clay cone? ex. cone 6 porcelain + cone 6 glazes?... Thanks for the help!...I am getting so much information overload that I think I may be overthinking things, but I rather be informed than not. Melissa
  2. Hi everyone!; I recently bought an automatic kiln (a Cress E23) and last weekend it was installed; it is ready to go, so naturally I am itching to do a test firing to see it in action.... however I have always had my pieces fired at a community studio, and although I have spent countless nights of online research, I am stuck on the firing schedules... I don't know what cone to fire for the bisque, and for the high firing, I don't know if I should add any special timing/soaking to the preset firing schedule for cone 6. My kiln is automatic, so it does have preset ^ firings, however I work strictly with porcelain and I am having doubts on: 1. Bisque firing -- what cone do I fire it at?? 2. High Firing -- Do I hold?, is there any tips/secrets I should know to make the most of my firing and help my porcelain survive? I use Highwater Helios porcelain clay . I appreciate any suggestions and advice! Thanks! Melissa
  3. Thank you all!! I hope this kiln looks good...I'll be going to check it in person this weekend..... Thanks again!!
  4. Hi Everyone!!, I am a beginner Potter and I have finally reached the point (and saved enough) to buy myself a used kiln. I honestly don't really know what I should be looking for to feel confident about buying a kiln that works and that won't be a money pit..... any suggestions on the key things I should pay attention to? any questions I should ask the seller? I am currently looking at a Cress automatic kiln model E23, it is being sold at $450 and the seller says it works great..... this would be great for me as a starting kiln (size, price and specs) but I don't know what I should be looking at to know that it is in good shape beyond the obvious. Thank you for your help and advice!! Meli from NC

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