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  1. I am regularly sweeping and wet mopping my 400 sf garage studio. I am aware that a lot of clay dust gets airborne. Can anyone recommend a good shop vac with HEPA filter to use instead of sweeping?
  2. Shimpo VL Whisper vs. Soldner

    Estelle, Maybe this will help. I bought my orange Shimpo RK2 when I was an apprentice at the Great Barrington Pottery in the Berkshires in the 70's. I used in at my first pottery in Maine (Crow Hill Pottery for 9 years every day). My life changed and I moved to NJ and could not be a full-time potter. Had to support my family. Made pots at the local community college classes and stored the wheel. Just completed my new studio in my home and retrieved the Shimpo last week. I turned it on and it runs fine. It's an amazing machine! Caryn