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  1. Shimpo VL Whisper vs. Soldner

    i do agree that everyone has got his/her favorite wheel... and it's all very subjective i have excellent news!! i'm getting the best of both worlds. my husband decided that he wanted a wheel too so he will be able to work with me in the studio so i am getting the Soldner P200 and he will use the Shimpo :-) thank you all!!!! best, estelle
  2. Shimpo VL Whisper vs. Soldner

    thank you so so much for all these wonderful insights. they really helped. it was tricky but i finally decided to purchase the shimpo whisper... time will tell if this was a smart move i'll stay in touch and send some comments about my new wheel estelle
  3. Shimpo VL Whisper vs. Soldner

    thanks Mark! not sure i like my tools to be floating in the slury... but that was a great suggestion given my requests i just heard from Ceramic Supply in NJ that Soldner is out of business?
  4. Shimpo VL Whisper vs. Soldner

    thanks Mark!! i guess people using the Soldner wheels are just very clean potters maybe i could work at becoming one... estelle
  5. Shimpo VL Whisper vs. Soldner

    thank you for your help! yes this is the picture that i saw but it isn't clear to me whether: 1- you have to always use both the splash pan and the trim tray together 2- the splash pan is only the front piece at the front? or is there another piece that goes in the back once you remove that trim tray? 3- what happens if you only use the front piece splash pan alone (without the trim tray)? do water and mud come flying all over the place?? 4- is there a trim tray for the front as well? 5- what do potters who use the P-series Soldner do???
  6. Spoonrests or Top Ramen

    this is very COOL!! yes better to sell a lot of cute fun pieces than hold on to bigger ones forever
  7. hello everyone! i am very excited as my husband and i finally decided to build a little pottery studio in our basement. i have been looking at lots of wheels and i'm hesitating between a Shimpo VL Whisper, a S-100 Soldner and a P-100 Soldner. i throw small pieces mostly under 5lbs, and i like to make dainty little pieces so good pedal control for precision is key. that being said, i am also a pretty messy potter because i use quiet a bit of water so the splash pan is important to me. i also like to have enough space on the wheel to display my water bucket and all my tools... and it looks like the S-100 Soldner doesn't have as much space as the Shimpo and of course not nearly as much space as the P-100. i have been looking all over the internet and still haven't found a picture of the P-100 (or P-200) Soldner with a splash pan (NOT with a splash pan and trim pan together). i would LOVE to see a picture of it... if anyone would like to email me a picture, my email is estellehberrebi@yahoo.com i would be so grateful!! i read that if you use the S-100 you can use a Brent splash pan and these are pretty big... but some people say that it doesn't fit perfect and makes some noise?? i am driving myself crazy looking at all the different websites and am hoping you guys can help me clarify the situation and finally pick a wheel thank you so much in adance!! estelle