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    Kiln not firing to temperature

    Thanks everyone for replies, I'll investigate those suggestions. Fingers crossed. Regards, Julia
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  3. Hi, Im in County Kerry Ireland and although studied Art in Belfast I kind of taught myself ceramics. Lots to learn but loving it!

  4. eoteceramics

    Kiln not firing to temperature

    Hi John, Thanks for your reply, Ok here goes, KIln brand - Phoenix( not sure of model) Controller - Bentrup TC20 Voltage 230 Amperage 25 Supply voltage 230 Amperage of breaker 32 It was refurbished by the company I bought it off, second hand. They replaced the elements and most of the bricks. It had a small crack on one of the lid bricks which I fixed with kiln mortar. There is a small drop of glaze on thethermocouple, but that has been there for a while when it was working fine. I think it was firing for approx 15 hours before it cut out and displayed F1. I believe F1 means it hasn't reached temperature. Im begining to think its an electrical fault maybe with the controller and will be getting it looked at tomorrow. Thanks for your interest any ideas would be very welcome. Regards, Julia

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