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  1. Clay pots with metal

    Thanks everyone! I might chance cracking the pot if the consensus is it won't damage the kiln.
  2. Does anyone have experience with incorporating metal into pots? How can they be fired? Is it possible to fire to cone 5 with metal going through the clay (metal that melts above cone 5) and not destroy your electric kiln? Or do you leave the metal in as the clay dries, fire without the metal pieces and hope to fit them back in afterward? I am intrigued by combining these media but understand it could be very difficult. Any advice is appreciated! Susan
  3. Amaco Potters Choice?

    I'm about to load a 2nd glaze firing of Amaco's Potter's Choice layered glazes. The first load (cone 5) came out pretty nicely, although the Ancient Jasper may have been thin since it resembles stonewashed denim with red highlights. This load has Palladium in it, both alone and layered over Blue Midnight. Does anyone have a sense of whether cone 5 or 6 would be better? Also, has anyone had any feedback on a metallic taste from an Ancient Jasper bowl? Might this improve at cone 6?