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  1. dhPotter


    yes it is the SH Copper Ash Over Val's Turquoise.
  2. dhPotter


    it is about 10 inches tall.
  3. dhPotter


    Yes I have Roberta, Thank you! My very first show is this weekend, Nov 10, for a citywide Christmas Open House.
  4. dhPotter


    The evolution from dipping to spraying. All of these pieces have new glazes. Learning new glazes and how they act and learning to spray glaze.
  5. This about 30 pieces from the 47 pieces. Will load the kiln at lunch break today and start it up to fire the other 17 or so pieces. The goblets will be in this firing. They take nearly half of the 27 inches of the kiln interior height.
  6. dhPotter

    Reclaimed clay

    This is from GlazeNerd's comments on this forum awhile back... Additive for Reclaim Clay How do you determine the level of ball clay the recipe had to begin with? The Slip Test When you throw the original clay: how much slip comes up and on your hands? Coats just the inside of your palms and oozes through your fingers over time.... lower levels. Coats your palms, and oozes; have to clean a few time while throwing.... mid levels Oozes quickly and constantly cleaning off hands....... high levels. Most of the reclaimed scraps is from trimming; which has been stripped of the fines; which includes ball clay, silica, and feldspar. That would alter the properties of recycled clay: because it is the ball clay primarily that holds moisture in a clay body. The fix: blend 80% ball clay (Om4 or FHC), 10% silica, and 10% feldspar. Add 1 cup (dry) per gallon of slurry. The testing comes when you throw it after it has been reclaimed: how much slip comes up when you throw? Adjust to suit your taste. Normally within 30 days there is a marked difference, which improves over the next 90-120 days. After about 6-8 months, the process begins to reverse because the clay is actually starting to loose water: dehydration.
  7. 2 drying in the closet with the rest ready for spray glaze. Will actually bisque fire the big bowl in the drying closet - need some calcined EPK and need to bisque some more pendants.
  8. dhPotter

    Drippy Cake Plate.jpg

    Absolutely lovely!!
  9. Making and using my own pottery is my own R&D lab. I do not consciously look at the shape of my hand or lips. It has taken a few years to work out the discomforts of my designs. I detest a mug that dribbles, so lots of R&D on the perfect rim for drinking, close but still not there. With me it is all about how to hold a piece. My hand arthritis dictates that the piece is easy to hold and does not strain the hands. It is pretty cool to make something then use it to find it doesn't work so well. Humbles one rather quickly. Wished I had taken an industrial/ manufacturing design course, or whatever the course would be to teach me ergonomics. Actually I haven't sold much because I don't put it out there. The feel and functionality must be to my expectation before I let it go out of my hands. Lots of R&D. Favorite piece is the coffee mug. Since recently starting to press texture into the body of the mug, I like using several different mugs. I like the feel of the different textures. My hands are busy feeling the texture in both the body and the handle while using the mug. If I were an illustrator I could make bowls look more interesting, but I am not. Altering makes the bowls more interesting. We use all sizes of bowls, from the condiment bowl up to the larger mixing bowl.
  10. My firing schedule does not look "quartz inversion friendly". I have always wondered why no clay problems with the firing schedule, going up, blowing past the 1063*F temp?? I can understand when coming down in temp because the kiln is cooling slowly all by itself. None of the broken pots show any clay problems. An evenly thrown bowl has a nice ring to it when rapped with a piece of wooden broom handle. Is the 1063*F on the way up something to be concerned about or just keep on keeping on? Thanks
  11. Laguna 609 Fully vitrified at ^6. No grog
  12. dhPotter


    My wife's creation/ influence.
  13. A mirror and a dampbox are 2 tools that improved my productivity greatly. And cut down on the anxiety of making as a part timer.
  14. dhPotter

    Gum Arabic ratio to water

    I would try adding clay to the glaze recipe. Clay helps the glaze adhere to the pot. Whatever your glaze calls for , EPK or Ball Clay, add 5%. See if this helps, If not add 5% more.
  15. We need to add the bling to these jewelry pendants.

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