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  1. dhPotter

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    WOW The first set of tiles look like wispy willows, a lot like a delicate Japanese watercolor. The second set of tiles look like landscapes in watercolor. The 2 marble white orbs are fantastic. A good deal of free form detail. Lagniappe is what I would call it - "A little something extra".
  2. A sculpture teacher told us we create things along our own body frame. If you are tall and thin you will make tall and thin. If you have broad shoulders or a pot belly you will make with broad shoulders or a pot belly.
  3. dhPotter

    Pottery Stools, what do you use?

    Rex Johnson - Stool Height Gas Lift Cylinder, Black - 10" Travel - FREE SHIPPING - S6120 $39.99 http://www.chairpartsonline.com/stool-height-gas-lift-cylinder-black-10-travel-free-shipping-s6120/ When you get the ST1 it comes with a gas cylinder height adjuster. It wasn't as tall as I needed. Bought this and replaced the original. Very easy to get the old gas cylinder out. Search You tube. Basically , you turn the chair upside down and with a 2x4 place it over the end of the original gas cylinder then smack it with a hammer a few good times, out it pops. Place you new gas cylinder in the hole, turn it right side up then sit in it. The pressure of your weight will seat the new gas cylinder.
  4. dhPotter

    Pottery Stools, what do you use?

    +1 for the chair Mark C linked to. I took the back off of my chair. I get on and off the chair like a bicycle. One of the reason for removing the back. The other reason was I did not like the feeling of being pinned down by that back spring. This chair is the best I have found for throwing or trimming. Before this chair I had the 1 in your pic, Rex Johnson. Then before that was the shimpo white frame with blue seat. The ST1 is the best. I have my Brent wheel on cinder blocks so my legs are almost like standing up. I bought a bar stool gas cylinder for the 5 star base to get the taller seat height. This setup has been the best for my fake knee and fake hip.
  5. excellent depiction of action/ movement Way to go!!
  6. It is extremely humid here in Mississippi. Except today it is only 24%, but the ground is still oozing water from all the rain lately. Although I have been told time and again no need to wire off, BUT when throwing on a plaster bat(potters plaster), I always use the cutoff wire right after throwing the piece. Then place the bat on a wire shelf that is laying on a plywood shelf. About 12-18 hours later the piece usually "pops off". If I don't wire off right after throwing it can be up to 2 days before it "pops off". Each location is unique...
  7. I have a Cress B-24-H. This is the firing schedule for glaze ware that has been bisque fired... all low 2 hours all med 2 hours all high finish Be sure to get and use bar cones instead of the normal 3 sided cones in the claw of the kiln sitter. I do not have a pyrometer.
  8. dhPotter

    Blistering / What Causes it?

    I would guess it is too thick. The glaze may have slid down the pot and gathered making it too thick. Waterfall Brown from MC6 will do this.
  9. dhPotter

    c6 glaze too soft

    This website has several iterations of Licorice reformulated by Ron Roy and John Hesselberth http://www.masteringglazes.com/mastering-cone-6-glazes/glaze-reformulations/chapter-6-glaze-reformulati/
  10. dhPotter

    Ideal studio setup

    My ware racks and work tables are home made. They have wheels that lock. The shelf supports are 6 inches apart. The shelf is a 3/4 inch plywood cut to 12 inches wide. The rack is 4 feet wide x 2 feet deep x 7 feet tall. I used leftover house wrap to cover the rack to slow the drying. The wrap closes on the side using self sticking magnets that come in a roll. The tables are covered with a 1/2 inch plywood then cement board. Extremely durable and holds no dust.
  11. dhPotter

    Ideal studio setup

    You may have already thought of this. If you do not have access to an architectural program, you can measure each of your pieces of equipment. Get a piece of 1/4" = 1' graph paper and draw the outline of your building. Draw and cutout your equipment models. Now try and place them within the boundaries of your drawn out building. Remember to leave enough space between pieces of equipment for movement, at least 30". Very helpful to be able to move things around before you "go live" in the studio. Good Luck with new studio!
  12. dhPotter

    Shopping for My First Kiln

    Yappy you really do want a downdraft vent to keep fresh oxygen in the kiln. Below is the difference between a piece from a non-vented kiln then from the same kiln a piece, with same glazes, from the when the kiln was vented. Big difference in brightness!
  13. Programmer for the last 34 years. Before that was a carpenter, framing, outside trim, decks. Me and 2 other carpenters were in business together. The carpentry quit when I cut off half of my Left thumb. Back to school to get a degree. Have been programming from home since 1995. So many days I wish for being a full time potter...maybe in 3-4 more years upon retirement.
  14. dhPotter

    What's Your Work Music?

    Fantastic Negrito plays a good bit on BluesVille on Sirius/XM. BluesVille is my goto channel. But when throwing or glazing, same as Joseph F, I like listening to the techno or trance, which is Electric Area on Sirius/XM - they really get cranked up on Friday nights.
  15. dhPotter

    Black Iron Oxide

    John Britt's Mid-Range glaze book says Red Iron is (Fe2O3) and it will decompose into Black iron (FeO) around cone 6 to 8, a strong flux. Metallic iron is (Fe3O4) and Yellow iron is (Fe2O3H2O).

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