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  1. Laguna 609 is a very nice white firing clay. Easy to throw and do slab work. Has a strength to it while throwing. Push the clay where you want it, it has a little push back so you have a feel for it instead of being mush that gets pushed around with no feedback. Easily attaches with no issues of pulling apart. Smooth clay.
  2. +1 what liambesaw said. I have a 1979 Brent I bought new. Still has all original equipment including the belt. Give it a good try before investing in parts. An old saying "Don't look for problems, they will find you soon enough"
  3. Personally I don't think you need to wedge at all. I haven't wedged any clay in 3 years. Cut from the bag of clay, pound it into a ball, trying not to add pockets of air. I diligently cone wedge each ball at least 3 times not what size the ball of clay. Perhaps wedging is held over from when potters mixed their own clay bodies and did not have de-airing pugmills.
  4. What thickness of Medex are y'all using for the batt? I see it available as 1/4" to 1 1/4" thick.
  5. @DirtRoadsDadgum Sharon. I was there and looked for you. Where were you? We parked at the Methodist church and walked to the square where everyone, I thought, was. I saw Hinkle Creek Pottery in the parking area around the square. We got there at 7:30 and stayed till 9:30 - too much rain and wind. And yes, saw a couple of tents try to take flight, but it was 60 mph gusts! There were some customers there on a mission as there hands were full of bags. We had ponchos on and our pants legs and shoes were soaked. We did a lot of standing under store front awnings. Too much rain. Saw a river of muddy water flowing from the square down steps and into the flooded streets. I hate I missed you.
  6. Thank you all for your kind words. Joseph, as you know, it takes time to sort out the glazes and how to apply each one. Pete's Seafoam is a glaze recipe created by Pete Pinnell.
  7. Synthetic chamois tends to tear apart thread by thread. Get the real stuff.
  8. IMO the Talisman is for sieving LARGE amounts of glaze - like 5000 -10,000 grams of each glaze. I make 1500 gram batches of glaze and use the hand sieve, like your daughter bought, along with a small brush. I have a Talisman, bought when I was dipping glazes and making up LARGE quantities at a time.
  9. Measure 1 gram. Using a knife or other straight edge, divide the pile by half, then divide a pile by half, then divide the pile by half, then divide by half. This gets you to 0.0625
  10. In 3 years of spraying on greenware, I finally broke a piece 2 weeks ago. Had finished spraying a bowl then instead of cradling the bowl with both hands, I grabbed the rim to pick it up and the rim snapped off in a chunk in my hands. It is true "Haste makes waste".
  11. Hey JohnnyK, Around the rim, where the glaze is lighter, is Strontium Crystal Magic Cool sprayed on. Then Pete's Seafoam is sprayed over the whole piece. The SCMC makes Pete's Seafoam go turquoise. Depending on thickness of Pete's Seafoam, on non-SCMC areas, will result in the varied amount of splotches. The army green color is where Pete's Seafoam is thinner. Thank you
  12. Robin Hopper suggests leaving a 1/4 inch gap, at handle attachment time, between the fingers and the body of the mug so as not to burn the fingers from touching the mug.
  13. Nice save for this salvaged pot! Do see a little warpage or is that camera angle? Oatmeal glaze?
  14. dhPotter


    The evolution from dipping to spraying. All of these pieces have new glazes. Learning new glazes and how they act and learning to spray glaze.
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