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  1. I am interested in insuring my art while it is at other venues. My homeowners handles personal liability and the art while at home or in my custody on the road. Last year, I wanted to participate in an exhibition that did not insure the art on site. In a pinch, my local agent got a policy though Inland Marine: $750 per year for unlimited number of venues, coverage up to $75,000 with $500 deductible. Would love to find something less expensive. Just got the bill for renewal (doh! Meant to research this earlier--so am in a pinch again!) Would love some companies to suggest to my agent. I am a member of a few local guilds but doubt enough members would want to go in on a group policy. I'm still careful with my work, and hope I never have to file a claim--I hear that can be an interesting experience....wonder if it is easier or more likely to be successful with some companies than others. Any ideas on that? Thank you!!!

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