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  1. I sign my initials with an old stick pen. My last name is 3 letters 2 small 1 cap so is different. I made a stamp but just singing on leather hard is easier. I had a ring with my family coat of arms & initials, but it wore out. Joy
  2. Pkqw: Week 23

    3, 1, 2, 2
  3. Pkqw: Week 21

    1. 1? 2. 1 3. 3 4. 4
  4. Pkqw: Week 20

    4, 3, 2, 2 Joy
  5. While throwing I wear yoga pants & t shirts with a cloth over my left knee to wipe my hands. These clothes take very little room in the darks load. When I trim & hand build attachments I usually put an apron on as I normally don't get dirty at that time. I wear runners & sometimes sandles. I always change footwear when I leave the studio as it's in the basement. I use miracle clothes as they wash out quickly after each use. Joy
  6. We have a nasty squirrel the neighbourhood has named red. She taunts my dog by coming down the tree just to tease & runs back up. I get my exercise trying to catch my dog to stop the barking early in the am. We have other squirrels, deer, sometimes raccoons & lots of birds. We live near the edge of the city. Joy
  7. I used to only use ram's head then started doing spiral with some cut & slam. On fresh clay I wake it up patting & rolling on the work bench & shape with my hands to make a ball. I throw both stoneware & porcelain. Joy
  8. Pkqw: Week 17

    4 4 3 2 Joy
  9. Pkqw: Week 16

    1,4,4,1 Joy
  10. Pkqw: Week 15

    4,1,2,1 Joy
  11. I use a rectangular plastic container cut in half with cut outs to fit around the wheel head push them in overlapping each otherI still get some on the floor but not much. Joy
  12. Pkqw: Week 14

    1. 3 2. 4 3. 3 4. 2 Joy
  13. I first became interested in art at 4yrs old. I saw a film of a potter & couldn't wait to dig up some clay to work with. My Dad was always supportive. In 2nd grade I was selected to take art classes (only 2 students in each school were selected). In grade 4 my teacher entered my paintings in the exhibition & I won 2nd & 3rd prize. Life then changed with the loss of my parent & I no longer had access to the materials or classes. My pottery career didn't begin until I was 20 & I was determined that nobody was going to make me stop when I finally reached my goal of becoming a potter. I've worn many hats in between but kept going back to pottery.