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I am in my 40th year of pottery. I generally make functioal pieces but ones that are a different form for their function. I taught in a facility for some time & decided to just continue with a few students in my small studio. I enjoy having visually impaired students as they are a joy.


I have made my own glazes as it makes what I do individual and I love to experiment. I bisque to cone 06 & fire to a high cone 6. My kiln is not electronically controlled so I use jr. Cones with witness cones of 6 & 7. My kiln usually takes 5 hrs. For bisque & 7 hrs. For glaze depending on how full. I generally soak on med. temp. For 1/2 to 1 hour which ads a bit more time depending on what glazes are in and what the outdoor temp. Is as the kiln is in a unheated garage and -30 can make a difference on cool down, so yes I am in central Canada.


People say my pots are quiet like me. I like plain finishes so I seldom draw on pieces but I like to have interesting color.

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