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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to share a company I found (no affiliation) that makes stools and chairs of all sorts. I just purchased the saddle stool in vinyl for my needs and I'm very happy! https://www.perchchairsandstools.com Have a GREAT day everyone! Pam
  2. pjc0602

    Really Simple Question

    Thank you for your reply. Very helpful ideas. Much appreciated.
  3. pjc0602

    Really Simple Question

    Thank you! Makes perfect sense!
  4. I'm making mugs with a simple small logo stamp and want to know how to allow the stamp to show without glaze running into the small letters. I don't want to simply wax the logo because I do not think it will look right. The clay is a cone 6 reddish stoneware & the glaze used is a ochre slightly runny shino. Sorry if this is elementary, I am self taught and can't seem to find good information about this process. Thanks, I appreciate any help. Pam
  5. pjc0602

    Coyote Glaze 10Lb Size

    Hi Pugaboo, I use Coyote glazes & 25lbs makes about 3/4 of a 5 gallon bucket. If you mix all of it & don't use it right away, you could just stir it from time to time. Good luck! Pam
  6. You know what, all of you wise guys, this is exactly why I don't post on forums. Some people are serious about serious issues. I have a great sense of humor but do not find humor in issues regarding health concerns. I simply posed a few points for curiosity's sake and know there are quite a few experts here. That's all. I appreciate your sincere comments. Thank you. The yuck-yuckers can go promptly chase themselves. Please don't burden others with your bad humor. Thanks again.
  7. I appreciate your concern about shams and charlatans. I can assure you the person doing my medical tests is a respected neurologist and neurosurgeon and I've been to some of the best. Again, I reiterate, my ONLY change has been pottery. Water in my home is double and sometimes triple filtered. I am very particular about what is around me and my food and water supply. I am a former athlete who is very disciplined and very well-read on toxic materials around us. Something has poisoned me and again, the only change has been pottery. I had a prior toxic test a year ago which showed NO thallium at all. This is my concern. In my readings, I have found that glazes are pretty toxic so dismissing that fact is just silly. Precautions should be taken by everyone. When I see a video of someone using his/her arm to stir things I cringe. Thanks for your comments, Pam
  8. has not set their status

  9. Hi all, I've been making pottery for 7 months (self taught). I have my own set up in my garage (electric kiln is vented to outside, CO monitor). I have read countless writings on studio & glaze hazards. I am quite particular with my routine and only wet mop areas and wear gloves & mask whenever near chemicals or stirring up dust. I am currently going through a body detox for heavy metal poisoning and I'm doing well with that regimen. However, a recent test is showing excessive levels of thallium and this is new for me. The only change in my habits has been my pottery. Have any of you ever been tested for any toxic substances? If so, what kind of results did you receive? My main concern is my health, of course, & I love working with clay, but I will give it up if I need to do so. My concern is with glazes. Right now, I am using dry Coyote glazes I mix myself (with every precaution) & only a very few ( a clear, a white, light blue, shino). I certainly don't want to poison myself any further. Are there any less toxic glazes I can mix and make myself? I do understand there are risks involved but I'd like to minimize them. I don't usually post on forums, but I find all of you so talented, kind, supportive, and hugely knowledgeable. I could use some sage advice & I really don't want to take up knitting. Thanks so much! Pam
  10. At Lowes, in the concrete section, there are very sturdy cardboard pillars/tubes that would make great pedestals. You could cut them to size. Good luck!

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