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  1. Firing schedule

    Thank you, I'll check it out...I appreciate all the good info.
  2. Firing schedule

    The answer is yes and no...I am a tile painter going potter...having been making tiles and painting them for 20 years or so, I have now bought a wheel and am doing some pots and stuff. The painter in me wants to experiment...a lot! The glazes are Laguna crystalline glazes cone 6...which I accidently bought without realizing they needed special cooling. Anyway, I am learning some new things about the kiln and the glazes so it's all good. The firing schedule that comes with the glazes looks complicated...but, it is because I don't usually understand manuals, hence, I don't usually read them. I do have one and I shall have a look. Thank you for the help...much appreciated!
  3. Firing schedule

    Thanks for your help...I think I'm on the right track now...many thanks.
  4. Firing schedule

    Thanks...I have fired with this glaze before and found out the hard way that it runs...I guess I didn't believe the container warning. :-) I'm off to hunt for my manual!
  5. Firing schedule

    Hi thanks for the info...that helps. I will look for the manual...I'm sure it's here somewhere. My kiln is a Skutt digital computerized and I have never really tried anything but the usual 04, 06, 5 and cone 6 firings with a short hold at the end...I guess, it's maybe not as complicated as it looks. If it a normal cone 5 setting with controlled cooling, can I fire other glazes along with the crystalline glazes? Would the controlled cooling bother the other glazes? I appreciate the help. Thank you very much!
  6. Firing schedule

    They are Laguna crystalline glazes cone 6.
  7. Firing schedule

    I am not sure how to program my kiln to do this kind of schedule for a crystal glaze...can anyone who knows explain it? Also can I firinf other pieces in this firing or only the crystal glazes? Segment Rate Temp. Hold 1 250°/hour 1250°F 0 2 350°/hour 2140°F 0 3 25°/hour 2165°F 0 4 9999 setting 1950°F 3 hrs. Would appreciate any help with this confusing glaze firing schedule.
  8. Thank you for the info...I'll let you know. :-)
  9. Thank you for your help with this...I think the plaster is different here as when I scratch the mold, it scratches off and I don't think the potter's plaster did. I will research a bit more to find out if there is another type available. Someone suggested mixing in some white cement...hmmm...not sure about that but, may try it. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you for your help...I did some reading on this site and I am understanding it better...perhaps our molds have not cured as of yet and it will be harder as it cures. Appreciate your knowledge. Nancy
  11. Honestly, because I have lived here for 4 years and learned to use Spaniish instead of English for such things, I am confused about what I want to use. Plaster is yeso here. Is a construction type plaster sufficient to use for molds? If that is the case I have some... I bought some potter's plaster a year ago or so in a big bag, but it is not usable and has gone up to 60.00 a bag, pretty costly for me and especially when it goes bad if you don't use it up quickly. Just wondering if there are different options to cut down the cost. Hope you understand. Thank you.
  12. Good morniing! I am in need of a way to make molds by mixing some material, such as white cement and gesso...I am not sure if anything else is needed or if I am using the right terms. I live in South America and things are not labeled the same. If anyone knows a recipe for making these plaster "type" molds for ceramic tiles, I would really appreciate your help. Thank you! Nancy
  13. Hi, I just took a plate out of the kiln that I painted with wax resist separating the colors and lo and behold I didn't overglaze one small, but, important area. Will I need to reapply all the wax resist to refire the plate? Would appreciate any advice that someone has, who uses a lot of wax resist. Thank you.