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  1. If you had to make a fairly large object (14" tall/8" wide, 3/8"- 1/2" thick), and have it ready to bisque in 3 -4 days, what clay body would you use? The obvious problem is shrinking and cracking, so how do you best counter that? Heavily groged clay body? Paper clay? What do you think?
  2. Sodium Silicate For Majic Water?

    Interesting, I was mixing up some terra sig today, and the recipe calls for equal parts sodium silicate and soda ash as a defloculant. Sodium silicate is an interesting material; it is also known as 'water glass', and indeed, it forms a glass-like surface that will cut you when dried. It is used in radiator sealant, in that when it reaches a hot area (like a leaky head gasket), it fill harden into a glassy material.
  3. I'm still looking for a manual for the Creative Industries MP wheel. Mine is newly in my possession, and it sounds a little loud, like it could use some lubrication or cleaning , but I don't have any info on how to take it apart. Also, the pedal has very little travel between slow speed and high speed, and I'd like to know if I can adjust for that. Thanks for any leads. Peter
  4. I have an old Creative Industries MP wheel... must've bought around 1986 or so... direct from their factory... I drove down from L.A. and went and picked it up in El Cajon. I don't recall it even coming with an owner's manual back then, if it did... I don't have it anymore. I know that when I bought it Kenton Oakes had just recently purchased the company from the original owner, and they were just beginning to get their feet wet in the business. Recently, late last year I believe... Kenton sold the company to "Speedball" and they make the wheels now. I don't know what their customer service is like yet, but I suppose it will be interesting to see going forward. Have you tried contacting them yet? Sorry I couldn't be more help... good luck refurbishing your wheel. - Ken Hello, I ran across this when tying to research the wheel that I have recently obtained. Its a Creative Industries MP model. I have what appears to be, all of the original information/literature that must have come with it when it was new. I have the following: * A folding 2 page booklet with a photo of a bearded man on the front sitting in front of, and using, the pottery wheel. Above his photo it says Creative industries, variable speed electric potters wheel. Inside there are descriptions of the product, more photos of various bearded men, throwing on the wheel, etc along with information such as , Function, Convenience O Structure, individual adaptability of the wheel, info on the build of the wheel, and on the build and strength of the motor, info on all of the models that were offered, options, Information on the warranty info, Information on the head torque and strength of each model, horsepower of each model, as well as the amount of weight that each model can center, etc... This pamphlet has 3 pages of information. *A 2 page pamphlet titled: Owners Manual for Creative Industries Model HP and MP Wheels. This contains 2 printed pages w/out photos. With paragraphs on Motor, Control Box, Foot petal, Grounded Power Source Very Heavy Loads, Belts, Bearing Service, and Motor Brushes. * one half page size Page with a diagram of the wheel. this is tittles Install Splash Guard As Shown Below. *One half page size page with a diagram of the Wheel Head. Titled: Glide Installation and Wheel Head Adjustment If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of any or all of these just let me know.... Take care.. Hi, just bought a MP Wheel, and an information on it would be so helpful. Please send me an email a mariposa259-ceramics@yahoo.com as to how I can get the info. Thanks, Peter