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  1. maryhstudio

    cone 6 red glazes

    Thanks Marcia, but I’m looking for a cone 6 oxidation red ! I shan’t give up...
  2. maryhstudio

    cone 6 red glazes

  3. maryhstudio

    cone 6 red glazes

    Thanks for the tip!
  4. maryhstudio

    cone 6 red glazes

    What about making a red glaze with a cone 6 abase glaze and adding a mason stain for the color?
  5. maryhstudio

    cone 6 red glazes

    Thanks Min! So I can't get a good red in oxidation? I've been doing this for a long time, but have purchased a lot of my glazes, and also made some successful ones myself, but red has been a rel challenge.
  6. maryhstudio

    cone 6 red glazes

    I've been testing red glazes from recipes I've gotten on the web, and in cone 6 glaze books. tin, chrome, and copper, depending on the recipe. I follow each to the letter and fire at cone 6 oxidation in my electric kiln. They all come out GREEN!! What am I missing, or doing wrong? I bisque the test tiles which are made from cone 6 white clay, very porcelain-like. Any help or advice is appreciated (I am tearing my hair out... well, not literally!). Thanks!

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