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  1. Than you Neil, I'm going to go trouble-shoot now. Will let you know how it goes. Cheryl
  2. Did you check to see if there was anything built up on, or stuck between, the pedal and base that might be keeping the pedal from totally turning off the power? Sometimes clay slop gets in the pedal joint and needs to be cleaned off. Hi, thanks for your advice. I did clean everything up on the pedal and that did not fix the problem... Any other ideas?
  3. Hi All, I hope this question hasnt been asked and answered in the past... If so, I apologize. I have a Pacifica 800 wheel that is about 10 years old and has always worked perfectly with light to moderate use. Recently when I stop the wheel with the foot pedal the wheel continues to turn slowly... Very annoying. An online search of possible solutions has not helped. Has anyone else experienced this and can you offer suggestions on how to adjust the speed? Thanks in advance, Cheryl (aka I love ice cream .... )