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  1. making terra sig

    in making the clay i use. i dig it and soak it for 2-3 days mix batch after soak and watch the surface. as it becomes the same uniform color i siphon from about 4 inch from bottom. this goes into a bucket. it sits overnight and i poor off the water on top the remaining clay silt mix is transfered to new bucket less the silt lair and combined with a few other transfers till i get a full bucket. the full bucket sits overnight and i poor off the water and combine several buckets less bottom layer. let sit and poor off water..............hang ..... dry.....pug. so i guess I'm throwing Tera sig? ....lol its terracotta but to answer the question poor off water and save . mix sig good and add water back to suit your taste in specific grav. ......some would say the thicker the better. clay will settle as long as it is undisturbed. Tera sig is clay and some say its a thin slip and some use it thick i say play play play and see what comes of it. good luck old sig is good sig...as long as its in a air tight container...........................side note if fresh made from wild clay dont seal bottel right away it will blow up.
  2. NASA...Mars and the photos

    well guess it will have to wait
  3. local dug clay

    does anyone PH the clay ? Bump
  4. man u got me going........ this thread stuck in my head and now i clean my wheel too often. its your falt.....LOL .. thanks its a better mind set and gives a better over all feel to work area. ya clean da bean an u will feel better.
  5. Self Reducing Glazes

    i too would like to know more as it applys to gold chloride and if carbide would locally reduce it to a sheen. i read a bit on this but need more info. and i have seen the blood reds before ....nice stuff.
  6. Hi. Well creativity turns me on....LOL so has anyone seen the photo gallery on da NASA sight. from the latest landing i started drooling and mi mind blew up i see notations of clay on most photos. so ......when Virgin gives free flights to mars I'm gunna be on it and toting my pic and shovel I'm gunna dig that stuff and convert one of the rovers into a wheel with voice commands forward and reverse. then wait till earth rise and throw the first pot on mars.....lol at least i hope I'm da first. what would u do if u could get some of that high dollar clay....bet u recycle it to the last speck here on earth. LOL Earth rise Mars pot #1
  7. i too agree cone 6 is a good lesson. i dont have da money to send off a piece to test but when i get money i will .... better to have a acredited institution weigh in and for u to use the results. cant wait to get results will help me a lot. if u near a collage try to see if they might test it.
  8. How to reconstitute "used" clay

    i do this too but if i use the plaster bats i keep clay in canves bags so i get no pops. but plaster is faster if u got time issues or humidity issus............an da sun works good too for help
  9. Large Platters Cracking

    good deal but try slow dry too i bet it helps
  10. gata say something i do da tea jap an Chinese macha an pu-erh i found some clay in Wyoming that was purple and imparted most of the qualities the china stuff does. like my 120 us dollar pot i paid for to see what da hoopla was about. an the hoopla all stems from iron content. i got a cast iron water kettle that when combined with a type of pu-erh and my pot that will turn the tea from red green to purple. know before you even Begin to rip me a new one first explain how green puerh can go purple then we can talk about iron and clay and taste imparted. ps my clay pot is not needed to get purple color it happens in glass its the cast iron kettle. but why---
  11. Again Terra Sig

    Hi Ya all my pot about 6 had the same problem (same clay). The body surface became like the picture that I have given. But I assume the cause is coarse material in the clay not the temperature, just you said in the first discussion. But I don't know, may be the temperature factor could be.. i agree increese temp ...cone 04 might soak 1 hr. give dark stuff time to melt better so water dont oxidise iron. im no expert but remove the hevey big stuff my self.
  12. Sorry I had assumed u had used it befor with no problems If u had then something was done different If nt sorry. Im self thought and learned well from my mistakes. Lol hard road I'm on but bumps are fun.....bouncy bouncy bouncy Lol
  13. Guess I need to explain why I'm so messy. ADD I think .......well part of it but there is some practicality to my messy madness. If I got a piece I'm working on its always possible I need some goop to stick things together . But I do keep my bats and head clean at all times.
  14. Wel when u use dust as an underglaze it can happen I have an old dishwasher waiting for instillation my plan is to wash them on auto with no soap. After which I will place them in a dust free cabinet with very good ventilation and heat lamp. Once dry then wax an glaze. I have the stuff ready to go but have a problem. It seems the art seen here has turned into money grubbing placenta smearing show boats. I can contribute a full studio of equipment to a studio with room but they all want top dollar for a 1 foot by one foot space. Lol I could fill that in five min. A shame really but I guess they gata eat to. Any who at the least dust with a compressor blow them puppy's off well . Good luck an I hope it helps.
  15. 4 out of 10 times Just nicer to start out organized