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  1. Jennifer Harnetty

    Software Update

    Hello Forum Members, We just completed an upgrade to the forum software. Most of the updates are on the back end, but you will see some changes to the gallery section. The changes were based on user feedback and should make the gallery more user friendly. If you have any trouble, please post questions here so that we can address them. Thanks! Admin and Mod team
  2. Jennifer Harnetty

    Glossary of Ceramic Terms

    It was suggested that we post a link to the Glossary on Ceramic Arts Network, so here you go: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/glossary/ Enjoy! CAN admin and Mods
  3. Jennifer Harnetty

    Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    @Marcia Selsor I just noticed I do have the like button. I was messing around in the back and and I wonder if I somehow turned it back on! I still don't see it for you though. Also, I think I got rid of the "won the day" stuff. I will keep plugging away at the like button thing.
  4. Jennifer Harnetty

    Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    Hi Marcia, I am not sure why some people (including myself) do not have the like buttons and I have a support ticket open about the issue. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon and we can get the like buttons back on your posts. I will let you know when I get it fixed. Thanks, Jen
  5. How do I get from the Forum to the other sites like my online subscriptions to Ceramics monthly? Is there a link somewhere?


    1. Jennifer Harnetty

      Jennifer Harnetty

      Hi Marcia,

      We are looking into adding the link to the Ceramic Arts Network homepage to the navigation bar at the top. From there you can access Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illus., ICAN etc. Hope to have it up there in the next day or so. For now, here is the link: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/



    2. Jennifer Harnetty

      Jennifer Harnetty

      Actually, it is already up there! :) That was fast!

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Yay! This is really getting the kinks out fast. Amazing!


  6. Jennifer Harnetty

    Terms Of Use

    Hi all, Just a reminder... The spirit and intention of this forum is to facilitate the free exchange of information. Please do not write comments here that you feel have an intellectual property value that you wish to control. You should expect anything you write here to be shared freely. Thank you, Jennifer and the Moderators
  7. Jennifer Harnetty

    Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    Found the setting, with some help from Invision Support! You should now be able to see who likes what! Hooray! Thanks for your patience, y'all! Jen
  8. Jennifer Harnetty

    Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    Thanks again @RonSa but we must be on a different version of the software because I am not seeing what you see! I will see what support has to say. Jen
  9. Jennifer Harnetty

    Ceramics Monthly Calendar

    Thanks for pointing that out, Marcia. We will get that fixed and post a new one ASAP.
  10. Jennifer Harnetty

    Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    @RonSa We already have it set to "show reactions individually" so that's not it. I did change the allowed file types to Images Only, though. Thanks, Jen
  11. Jennifer Harnetty

    Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    Thanks for the tip. I had already looked there, and I didn't find anything that seemed to be a setting for showing member names with Likes. Am I missing something? If you could elaborate on your post, @RonSa, it would be helpful. Thanks! Jen
  12. Jennifer Harnetty

    Update on the forum, thanks for your patience, feedback, etc.

    Hi all, I have searched and searched in the back end for settings on the Like function, but to no avail. I am reaching out to Invision (developers of the forum software) to see if they can help me find it. Fingers crossed the functionality still exists! Jen
  13. Hello CAN Community Members! Just a brief note here to give a quick update on the status of the forum. Thank you all for hanging in there with us during the transition to the new version of the forum and server migration! We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your patience as we work out the bugs and get to know how the new version works. We do hear your feedback and we are working to try to make the forum as useful as it can be to everyone. You may notice that we recently implemented some changes that some of you have asked for. Status updates now appear on the right rail, as well as a couple of other things that used to be there! For that, I have to thank moderator extraordinaire Mea @GEP for figuring out how to make that change! Please continue to post questions and comments about the general use and functionality of the forum in this section and we will do our best to address issues as quickly as they can. Also, if you know the answer to questions another user posts, please chime in. In the long run, I think this upgrade will make the forum more stable and we will have far fewer problems. We hope you will all grow to love using the new forum and that it continues to help artists share ideas and solve problems in the studio! Best, Jennifer Harnetty
  14. Jennifer Harnetty

    My work

  15. Jennifer Harnetty

    Some Changes To The Forum

    Hi Folks! Wanted to let you know that you may soon notice a couple of changes to the forum. We have observed that a lot of postings on studio equipment were being made in the "In the Studio" forum and decided that, perhaps, we needed to make new forum category dedicated to those posts. So we are creating a new forum called Equipment Use and Repair, which will be moderated by Bruce Ciske. Thanks Bruce! We are also going to tweak the names of a couple of forums to make them more clear and intuitive. The moderators will be helping to move posts to the appropriate forums in the coming weeks and we think these changes will help make the forum more useful for everyone! Happy posting! Jennifer

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