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  1. Mold Release Materials

    I have good luck with the cheapest butter spray I can find....usually at the dollar store. It is spray like Pam - doesn't have the smell of WD 40 and also not the cost. When using large forms, I lay a piece of very thin material like organza or nylon and plastic wrap like Saran Wrap works just about everywhere.
  2. Slip Clay

    I agree.....it is earth. Have had some problem with mold on paper clay but keep a bottle of diluted bleach in the studio and spray it in the bag when it get too black. Clears up and doesn't affect clay or using it later.
  3. I keep all the little chunks and strips that get too dry when I am handbuilding or trimming. Then I use a rolling pin or hammer to break them into nickel size pieces. An old coffee grinder bought at a yard sale grinds these chunks into dust in seconds which I store and use to make instant slip. Wooden skewers with pointed tips make great tools for picking up small pieces to fit into corners of handbuilt vines and leaves. Old credit cards cut into 1/2 to 1 inch sizes and the end cut into points makes great scoring tools and you can make a bunch while you watch tv -oops that is altered. The metal ring that goes under a wok to go on the stove makes a great place to put a rounded form (foam on top of ring) to work on the piece so you don't flatten it out. But the best one that I cannot live without is a dense foam pad on a stick which is actually made to help people put lotion on their back or use in a shower. The foam pad is flat and slightly angled from the handle. It is is great to paddle the side of a piece, the top edge, whatever, leaves no marks and is soft but firm. Sold on Amazon as lotion applicators.
  4. Andy

    is this you?