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  1. Opinions On North Star Polaris Slab Rollers

    Hi Charles, Thank you for the nice words. I really enjoyed the tour this year. Fewer in numbers of guests, but overall, the attendees were appreciative and my sales were better than before. Hopefully I will see you here again next year. Now, I need to look up YOUR work. warmly, Zola
  2. HI All, I have loved working with larger Brent roller, then got myself a small Bailey Table top for temp use. My studio's compact and was about to get a larger one again, when this came into view: Opinions, if you have experience with the North Star Polaris Slab Roller- ease of use, adaptability, durability- will be much appreciated! Thanks, Zola de Firmian
  3. I've got my website up via Yahoo's small business site hosting porgram. I'm fairly tech-friendly, but do NOT want to spend the time reinventing the wheel takes to not use templates, etc. It's been good, and the support is excellent. (www.zinfusions.com) The second site I created was via Vista Print's service, (surprised myself, but used design from something ordered, so it took off easily. Ease Matters!) I LOVED both the ease and style of the rotating gallery on the home page I created for our contracting site. (http://firmiandesigns.vpweb.com ) Third, I'm trying to do a 1000 Market's Online Store right now and WANT TO HEAR other's EXPERIENCES with thier stores there. CAD: thanks for the great forum you've created! - ZOLA
  4. Zola de Firmian - Album 1

    being a glimpse only of my work