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  1. Copper Wire

    Thank you for your reply. I hadn't given thought to the size of the gauge...good to know. I'm only firing at 04 however so maybe the melting onto the shelf won't be an issue. Better put it on a firing pot just in case! Thanks again.
  2. Copper Wire

    I usually only fire to 04, but that's really good to know!.
  3. Copper Wire

    Thank you for that...I'm going to try the soldering iron!! Sounds like fun....
  4. Copper Wire

    Thank you for your reply.
  5. Copper Wire

    I have some copper wire that I would like to apply and fire in an electric kiln. I don't know whether the melting of the wire will contaminate the kiln environment or harm the elements. Does anyone have any experience with firing an electric kiln with copper wire embedded in the clay? Thanks in advance.