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    Shoulder Tendonitis/Bursitis

    Hi Melissa, I'm glad I saw this post. You have a lot of ideas here too being thrown at you - so there is only one thing you can do - Evaluate the suggestions and make a plan. I have the same pain in my shoulder, radiating down to my elbow and wrist. I was sure what was causing it. My Doc says the rotator cuff joint is loose and may be trapping a nerve. I felt at times as if it were coming out of the socket. The very fact that you have gone onto the web to write about this tells me you have the same habits as myself, which may indicate that you have poor posture at the PC - or, the chair/desk and monitor is not set up for you. I also play flamenco and at times it is impossible. So I have at least three things that could be causing the injury / pain. One member has suggested "Stretching" and this was prescribed to me also and it helps - but I still have the pain. On Cortisone, the facts are that it may or may not work for you. sometimes the body cannot repair itself - get rid of the inflammation and it needs a helping hand (Cortisone) and you could have Cortisone three times before it works properly. And the sad fact is, that if it doesn't work after three shots (sessions) the doc may give up on it ever helping you. Posture will be the number one thing you need to be aware of from now and stretching. Animals stretch naturally - everyday. We should do it. Also, gentle movements. Part of the therapy can be done with someone assisting your arm to elevate and rotate. That way, you leave them to do all the work. But theses are not jerky movements, but slow and gentle. The point is to get your arm into a position it hasn't been used to. Pain is a warning and we should heed it to a point. There is no point in taking pain killers that are so powerful that they kill the pain and then you work like crazy causing more damage. We take painkillers and respect the injury. I'm finding I can't sleep because of the pain, so I use a pillow to support my right arm. This helps. So, all though you are sure it's your wheel that has caused the problem it could be RSI as a result of your daily activities including throwing pots. Tendons are almost sure to be a big part of the pain. Tendonitis/bursitis can be checked out, but my experience is that these don't really heal, they just behave better if you give them more respect. Some things that we do in life cause tendons to shorten, so we need to try and lengthen them by stretches. On my youtube site you'll see a series of videos called "Exercises for Drummers/Guitarist" and you'll find these helpful. In fact, that just reminded me that I also played the drums when the pain first got bad, but I've not played drums for over a year and the pain is still with me. (not as bad though) http://www.youtube.com/user/FusionMusic1000?feature=mhee Thanks for the post and I hope you can get relief somehow and perhaps report back. Kind Regards - Steve

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