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  1. Krebs Pottery

    Waterproofing Pit Fired Slab Vases

    use a plastic liner inside of the vessel and you have the problem solved without the use of sealants that may not work over time.
  2. Krebs Pottery

    recent pieces

    haven't taken any gallery quality photos yet but wanted to get a few up here.
  3. is enjoying creating in her new studio!

  4. Krebs Pottery


    one option that I do is to use heavier stencils made out of poster board or old clay bags and then cover stencil edges with a layer of slip that matches the clay body before using underglazes, colored slips or glazes. I haven't had any problems with leaking under the stencil. Also the heavier stencil material ensures that I can remove all of it and not get any bits left behind.
  5. Krebs Pottery

    Sodium Silicate For Majic Water?

    I saw a video a few months ago where the potter painted a thin layer of colored slip and then sodium silicate onto a fresh thrown pot (still on the wheel) and then used a torch to only dry the exterior sodium silicate layer. He then expanded the pot from only the inside which created a beautiful crackle pattern on the outside. I am guessing the video was from Ceramics Arts Daily but it may have been YouTube.
  6. Krebs Pottery

    dry/damaged fingernails after working with clay

    Being fair, I have very sensitive skin. I feel like I have tried using every lotion I could get my hands on. My favorite is for faces... Olay Total effects (fragrance free). I runs about $17/1.2fl oz bottle but it is the only thing that actually feels good and gives me a GREAT amount of relief. Hope it helps.
  7. Krebs Pottery

    Studio flooring choices

    If you are going to have a kiln in the space then you will want to make sure you have a concrete floor/tile floor at least in the area where the kiln is sitting. I would check with kiln supplier for exact specs required.
  8. I have used the palladium on a reindeer ornament and totally loved it! I put it on very thick which was both good and bad... it came out looking VERY silver but it dripped a LOT. I would totally do it again but would definitely put a plate under it to catch the extra. It was fired at ^6.

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