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    thanks for all your answers, a few of you talk about frit 3134 I actually use 4110 for my cone six glazes, and i have used the base with no colour to produce a clear finish, though you have to be careful not to put it on thick as that can turn it opaque! as to the gillespie borate until i saw the recipes i had never heard of it or seen it in any of our local pottery supply places here in Oz. For those of you in the US you have a clear glaze over there from Duncan Ceramics, which is a little miracle glaze in that you can fire from Low to High Fire with no running and its called Diamond Clear. But is very expensive by the time it is imported to OZ.
  2. shirleyann


    G'day folks, i live in Australia and i have recently downloaded some glaze recipes, Cone 6, from ceramic arts, can some one please tell me if Gllespie Borate is the sam e as Gerstley Borate? I need to make a stable Clear glaze for an electric Kiln firing to cone 6. Any help appreciated

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