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  1. ceramic decals

    Diana, thank you so much for the reply. I am just starting something new here and the images are coming off of my photoshop. Im not so sure how silkscreening works so my images arent silkscreened. I guess the problem right now is that I am just starting this and only need a few sheets to see if its even gonna work. I have looked at some places on the internet and of course they have to do so much prep work that I might have to go a different direction. If I could find someone that would give me a break and make it affordable to start off with, and my project worked..they would have my business forever!! Thanks again! Cheri
  2. ceramic decals

    Thanks for the reply. My local office supply stores wont print on decal paper, even if I supply it. I found one printer that will print decals for me but not the fire on kind. I have tried every printer and photo reproduction company in my town. All seem to think I am asking for the moon! I guess I have to find a company that just makes decals. Thanks again~
  3. ceramic decals

    Hello, I am a sculptor and am looking for someone that can print out my images of my work so I can produce them on porcelain nightlights. I can do the porcelain part and the firing part, but I need someone that can print out my images on Ceramic decal paper for me to use. Anyone here that can do this?